Considering buying the Omni..

I am considering getting the Omni and have the Oculus CV1. I like Minecraft as it allows for first person locomotion, which is also important for the Omni. Are there many new upcoming games made specifically for VR that can be used with the Omni? I'm mainly keen for fps games.


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    Aside from the games that Virtuix is releasing along with the Omni I know that World War Toons will be fully compatible with the Omni. As far as i know they are working with other studios but have not revealed which ones.

    Also keep in mind that the Omni can emulate keyboard input, which they use for most of there demonstrations that are on youtube. So the Omni can be used with just about any game, though in a slightly limited fashion.
  • @john546 Here's the real and only problem with using the Omni for FPS games: if they aren't designed for use in VR, the game will not play well without possibly dozens of meticulous setting tweaks including the use of third party programs to instruct the game to render the 3d in a format compatible with the VR headset. It can be done, and done well, but as a matter of course I would say that unless the game has been tweaked VERY well, is just naturally suited for VR, or has been engineered specifically for VR, they won't function well. There will, in time, be dozens and then hundreds of really well designed FPS style games for VR, but here's the real tricky point: they may rely on gimmicky controls such as "blink," rendering the Omni useless in order to make the game playable in the home.

    Most VR Game Production companies are developing VR based on the idea that the average person won't have an Omni, and while most are probably aware of the existence of such hardware, they simply aren't concerned with it as such until it is made material. Omni is in a tough spot, being a $700.00 purchase on top of a $700.00 purchase on top of yet another $700.00 purchase. All in all, this puts every VR user at a whopping $1400.00 cost point, making every commercially purchased Omni owner responsible for about $2100.00 of capital. This, simply put, does not bode well for the locomotive industry for the time being.

    Many FPS style games currently available for Oculus or HTC are very well suited to the Omni, however, which is a real plus, but its not until we start seeing an abundance of games which truly take advantage of the technology that this product will really catch on, as it encompasses well over the threshold of normal YEARLY spending for a minimum wage, full time employee. My suggestion is to purchase the Omni only if you're willing to take a chance on technology that may pan out as a standard but could just as easily pan out as one of those peripheral devices that has only niche uses for niche users.

    I still love Virtuix for making this possible, I'm just trying to be as optimistically pragmatic as possible. If you haven't seen Suteki B's Explore VR, I STRONGLY recommend you view his channel on Youtube. I've posted a link below.

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    There's a good assessment of the current VR FPS scene included in this article by Tom's Hardware:,32670.html

    It's true that the traditional FPS genre is under-represented in VR due to the absence of the Omni. Expect that to change when it gets into the hands of developers - it's starting to happen now.

    @gleamingsands, you're right, some legacy games do require a lot of tweaks and some third-party software to get working. The most time consuming part is researching and experimentation. If you're working from a guide it's much easier. There are a few games that have been modded so that it's quite easy. Vivecraft is one example. Tomorrow I'm going to upload a new video showing the coolest VR mod I've yet seen. It also happens to be quite simple to get working. It will be for the Virtuix YouTube channel as I'm at their office at the moment helping with documentation. I'm going back to the UK next week so I should have time to do a bit more with my own channel.

    @john546 Welcome to the forum! I wouldn't hesitate, put your order in now! Given the backlog, by the time you get it there is likely to be a lot more content available. Some of the better modded legacy games playable now are themselves enough to justify the purchase. I'm optimistic about the future of VR and the Omni's place in the medium. Yes, the total cost for a system sounds a lot, but not so bad when you think about it. This is not an upfront cost - many people upgrade their PCs anyway, the performance of GPUs goes up relative to cost all the time, and once people have a VR headset they begin to save up and look for their next purchase - which may well be the Omni. As things stand, VR without an Omni is about as disappointing as a car without wheels. Yes, the tech that you do have may be impressive, but it's pretty limited without tires. The cost of an Omni is little compared to a car, and yet there are 253 million of those on American roads - that's a pretty high conversion rate for the US's population of 318 million. Yes, cars are viewed as a necessity (though you could take the bus/train & a bicycle), but the point is that if something is life enhancing, people are willing to spend.

    Look out for tomorrow's video! :)

    EDIT - Video got delayed, hopefully up tomorrow - I'll keep you posted.
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  • Incidentally, Oculus just had a fall sale, so I'm going to be doing more VR games for a bit. I've also hooked up with a 3DS with capture card from KatsuKeity, but with a special caveat: they've introduced CV1 Compatibility. I can now play 3DS directly from console and experience it in VR. You know this is gonna be good.
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    @gleamingsands - over $250 for that kit, and only the NEW 3DSXL supports the VR compatibility right now. The only NEW 3DS I have access to is my sister's limited edition Hyrule themed piece. I'm going to have to see if I can find an old New 3DS somewhere I can hook this onto.

    I'm still paying off my VR Powerhouse PC. Once I do I'll be getting the Vive/Oculus Touch, and then probably leaning towards a GTX 1080 and a better processor. THEN I might just be able to splurge on this piece. Though by then the next Nintendo system will probably be announced and I'll need to get that instead.
  • I just released my first video with it. The VR is tricky, haven't gotten it working yet as it doesn't seem to be registering with Oculus. w/e, LOZ OOT 3DS baby.

  • The problem with buying an Omni is they will charge you and then send it back to your credit card. That's what happened to me today. I don't think they are excepting any more pre-orders. They'd rather focus on commercial then us. Commercial 1st, People 2nd. Sad, but true.
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    Hi @solarVR I'm sorry you are experiencing an issue with your order. Virtuix is still accepting pre-orders from private users - there is no policy of only accepting orders from commercial customers. Private orders are subject to certain restrictions - a limit on the number of Omnis that can be ordered by an individual without a commercial license (this is standard practice used to discourage unauthorized re-sellers) and availability by region. There was a major update to the website today in preparation for the processing and shipment of orders; it's possible your issue could have been a result of this - I will look into it for you.
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    Damn @solarVR settle down. Do you really need to post this on every thread?

    As for commercial coming first i have seen no evidence that they are putting there commercial partners ahead of the people. If they start shipping Omni's in bulk to there commercial partners befor everyone that has already pre-orderd there Omni's that would be a different story. I suppose we will see in the coming months.

    Wait a minute In another thread you just posted that you where upset that Virtuix would not go into a commercial agreement with you. So which is it? do you want Virtuix to focus on commercial contracts or the people who backed them from the start?
  • "Damn @solarVR settle down. Do you really need to post this on every thread?"
    I know what I was doing posting everywhere. Received answers and suggestions. I can now decide and plan from there.
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    That was a plan? You realize the same person responded to you on every thread. If you where trying to get someones attention then it work, on your first post.
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    Just ignore solar they have been posting super bitter angry posts non stop rather then calmly working with support to repair the situation.

    Heck I had my ENTIRE order and history wiped when the recent update on their site happened. Didn't get a refund or anything, ya I was freaking out. My order should be shipping with this next batch any day now and it was entirely missing WOAH!!! But I messaged support and bam they fixed it in less than 30mins. They are amazing if you just work with them and let them help you rather than freaking out and spamming the forums.

    TLDR: contact support of you have an issue and let them help you, it's their job and they are great at it.
  • @DanteM - Is that why you hadn't gotten sent any email? I wasn't even aware there had been a problem of that nature. I hope they'll be able to get in contact with everyone else whose order had been messed up by that update, now that you've let them know about it. That would make for some serious bad press otherwise.
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    @DanteM - Is that why you hadn't gotten sent any email? I wasn't even aware there had been a problem of that nature. I hope they'll be able to get in contact with everyone else whose order had been messed up by that update, now that you've let them know about it. That would make for some serious bad press otherwise.

    I think mine was a special case as I had just had that stuff added to my account a few days prior to the update. Likely only the people who bought things that week would of been effected. I haven't got my email yet as being backer 614 I'd be in the 2nd shipment not the first (least looking at the numbers I should be) hopefully any day now they are suppose to ship Oct so I'm hoping to get a email early and not late October ^.^
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