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Just finished watching Grand Theft VR. I find youtube comment section to be toxic so I am commenting on this forum.

Awesome video @sutekiB . i do have some questions.

I am assuming your using Xpadder or something like it to do your game pad to keyboard bindings. Aside from that VorpX and the GTA5 VR mod where you need anything else to get that working?

Where there any issues with the Vive controller strapped to your gun like that or was the offset between the cabelas gun and the Vive controller close enough where it did not pose an issue?

The other controller attached to the Omni harness... If i had to guess I would say that that is so the Omni API can know which way your body is facing so you can then have decoupled look and movement. Is that the case? I am amusing that's just a part of the Omni keyboard emulation, simply an option you can enable?

For some parts of the video it seemed like your movement in game was a bit fast compared to your movement in the Omni. I know many things don't translate well from VR to 2D video. Was that the case?



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    Thanks @xxann5. Glad you liked the video! It was one of the most fun experiences I've had on the Omni! Only xpadder, vorpx, and the Grand Theft VR mod were used.

    There was no issue with the offset. You're aiming based on the representation of the gun, so it doesn't matter if it deviates a little from your real-life hand position. Aiming was surprisingly easy in fact, for someone so used to aiming with his head.

    That's a good guess about the harness controller, but in fact it doesn't have anything to do with the API. The mod uses the orientation of the left controller to determine the player heading, so by strapping it to the harness you get the exact same body-head decoupling as if you'd used the SDK and the Omni's integrated tracking. In fact, there's no calibration needed because both the headset and the controller are being tracked by the same base stations, which is cool. The WASD movement is indeed activated simply by choosing keyboard mode in the Omni's software. I didn't include strafing and backwards walking in the video, but you can do both.

    No, the walking speed felt good to me. The video is showing more of the image than I'm seeing - the FOV is set higher to compensate for the zooming-in effect when putting that image through a VR headset. This can give the impression when watching the video that I'm moving faster than I am. I believe this is due to angular velocity - you're seeing the relative motion of things closer to me (which appear to move faster than far away objects) than I am able to see.

    One thing to note is that it seems when you use these two mods, the performance demand increases. If you want the level of detail shown in the video, I recommend a GPU more powerful than a GTX 980Ti. It is still possible to get good frame rates on that card, but you'd need to reduce the graphics settings down close to minimum.
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    Minimum? Really? I'm pushing 2554 x 2020 max settings with the 1080 and only the shadow set to medium for performance. Frame-rate seems solid IMO.
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    Thanks for the reply @sutekiB

    That's a really clever feature of that mod to work in a decoupled mode.

    I find it so interesting how little of VR actually translates to a 2D video.
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    Yes, side by side is not the best way to convey either speed or sense of immersion. A third person camera with green screen is better for that.
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    ya that done correct is really convincing. Those fantastic contraption folks really nailed that.
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    Slowly catching on to how to setup Omni for GTA V. So you need to take on of the Vive controllers and mount it to the Omni harness? This will make the turning work? Also in the GTA V mod use stick mode off or on? How about setting up controllers in steam? and in steam manage game controllers? What things do setup in Xpadder? Do you have an Xpadder profile I can try? Thanks!
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