More Competition!--But With Horse-Riding...

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A company over in Taiwan is bring three platforms to VR and, to be honest, reminded me of the Omni because of the green strip across the bases of each platform. See for yourself:

This could be complete gar-bage for all I know but does look somewhat interesting. I'll keep an eye on it.

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  • All of these are pointless. At least as depicted. It would be one thing if there were the hydrolic feedback to simulate gforces, but this isn't even been hinted at.

    Also, with the way the harness supports you in the Virtuix Omni, you could already simulate pretty much all of these, possibly more comfortably.

    These are like those stupid plastic sports attachments for the Wiimote, but at least those were cheap, and already had games that they could be used with.
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    I agree, without some type of hydrolic system to move you around these all seem pointless.

    I remember seeing an affordable one, something like under 5K, which is very cheap when you compair it to something like CXC Simulations . I cant seem to find it now.
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    This got me thinking about the Omni's modularity. Adding something to the Omni to make it more than a primarily walking experience. Still no hydrolic but it would be a different experience.
  • @Sponge101 - some of what you're talking about COULD be handled on a firmware/software level. The steam controller can already be set up (with supporting games) to include contextually adaptive control configurations, so the controls can be different if you're driving vs operating a crane vs walking around normally, etc.

    The same type of thing could be done for games, where if you're midair, the walking action no longer controls your movement, but is instead controlled by leaning, and if you're on ice, it would expect your foot motions to be done more like skating to result in being able to move properly across that type of surface in the game.
    So far I haven't noticed any support of this nature, nor any particularly encouraging statements from Virtuix on the subject either.
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