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After I saw the new omni gta video today I must admit it didn't leave the best impression on me.
Don't get me wrong, the tech is awesome. I really love the decoupled walking and everything seemed smooth.

But most we show footage of someone just gunning down innocent civilians and cops on the street? I'm pretty sure as VR gets more and more into householfs we're getting another "violent videogames cause violence" debate anyway. And I don't think we should speed this up. Couldn't we show at least footage of a gta mission, shooting at people allready firing at you, car chases and the like?
I really love vr and see so much potential. I'd love for non videogame playing people to see that focus too.


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    The tech is pretty cool huh? I would like to do some longer videos that show the campaign, but for short videos (especially when you're really pressed for time), you are mainly looking to make maximum impact. If you felt shocked by the video, then it worked! I'd rather people worry about how powerfully impactful the Omni might be, than ignore it.

    Violent videogames (which is most of them - even Mario and Sonic are violent) do not cause real violence, though people have tried to make them the scapegoat. Violence has been around long before videogames were invented. I've played many violent videogames, and I am not violent in real life, or feel any temptation to be. On the contrary, there are many people who are or have been violent in real life, who have never played videogames. Videogames are not a causative factor. Stress is the causative factor in violence. The level of stress, its duration, and your ability to cope with it. It's stress in relationships, career-related stress, socially imposed stress and environmentally imposed stress that triggers violence. Stress experienced during early childhood has been shown to have a profound effect. Videogames do not cause stress, as they are voluntary. In fact it's the opposite - they relieve stress! The world would probably be an even more violent place if we didn't have videogames. Happy people, as a rule, do not commit crimes - they're too busy being happy, and don't want to risk losing what they have. It's unhappy people who have a grudge against someone or the larger world and who feel they have nothing to lose who commit most of the violent crime. Furthermore, GTA V is an adult game, not supposed to be played by children. Even if it were a 'bad influence', it should make no difference - if a person has not acquired good morals by the age of 17, then society has already failed them.

    I understand your concern that this video could re-open such a debate (a perfectly valid one - it might indeed have that effect), but maybe we shouldn't be afraid to speed it up? If in this day and age, with all the problems in the world, people still don't understand what causes violence and what doesn't, then I think we ought to have that debate - the sooner we might then be able to put an end to real world violence, which has been allowed to go on far too long.
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    Good lord people are still beating this horse? its dead! leave it be. They put a warning in front of the video, if you want want to see violence you where more than capable of not watching it.

    Books are violent, movies are violent, games are violent. life is violent. get over it. Hell the news is worse than most fiction.

    As for this being bad PR? There is rarely such a thing. Just look at the views of there youtube videos, most have 10k to 30K with a few being over 100K. Hell the very first video is only 300K. And the first GRA V video? 2 million views! I can guarantee-you that video got more people looking at the Omni then anything else they have done. This is because idiotic news outlets ran a bunch of stories about the how horrible this is. The funny part was the overall response to these news outlets was "Holly **** that thing is awesome! I want one!"

    The horse was killed around 1990 and was beat for the better part of 20 years. People Got there ESRB in 1994 most retails stores stopped selling mature games to kids under 18, well at least ones that got allot of press.

    So be like Elsa and let it go....
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