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Hey there I work for a university in Australia in a multimedia unit that creates animations/video/design for the academics and their students and we're looking more into using VR as a teaching tool.

The Omni looks promising to enable our students to have natural navigation in the spaces we create, but what seems to be turning us off is the shipping issues that we're seeing on here.

Is there a lack of communication from Virtuix and promised delivery? Should we maybe look elsewhere?

Thanks in advance.


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    There's not really any lack of communication at all. Everything is moving on time,(moving on time now anyway, obviously there have been several delays in the production process) it's just that we're getting down to the finale and people have been waiting for several years so now that it's so close everyone is getting really hyped and/or getting really cynical in order to keep from getting hyped.
    The first 200-300 units were shipped out of China on September and are supposed to arrive in the US sometime in November to be ready to be shipped out to the earliest kickstarters. There should be another shipment of around 600-800 units going out in October and may arrive in late november or december. I think the main confusion around this issue is that Virtuix announced this as "first units shipping in september" and people all assumed that they meant shipping to the actual consumer, so when no one got theirs in september, everyone started treating it as yet MORE delays.

    My speculation is that the geographical location of the first Kickstarters will determine which areas get shipped to first. There's not much point to shipping JUST one unit all the way from china to a unique country, but they did make a point that the kickstarters would be taken care of before any other pre-orders are dealt with. US likely has the most Kickstarters, so that's where the initial shipments will go, then probably UK or somewhere in Europe where the next largest number of Kickstarters are. More than likely the number of units in each shipment batch will eventually be higher than the number of kickstarters left in the area, and that surplus of units will then go to whatever preorders are also in that same area, so if there's a kickstarter in Australia, they'll probably draw from the current pool of preorders that are also from Australia in order to more efficiently move those units. Keep in mind, I can't speak for Virtuix, so that's just my speculation.

    As far as looking elsewhere... uh good luck? There aren't any alternatives that exist beyond the conceptual stage. Virtuix is the spearhead of this particular niche, and the only one I know of that has already gotten actual working units out to kickstarters for beta testing. (I'm one of those pathfinders)
  • Thanks GreyAcumen,

    so if we're not in the Kickstarter batch I guess we could be waiting till 1st quarter of next year I guess?

    The reason I ask is because we've got a budget to spend before the end of the year so was just wondering what to do about that.

    Thanks for clearing things up anyhow.
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    Honestly, the more realistic estimate would be closer to midyear or even 4th quarter of 2017. There are already over 10K preorders, and many of those have been for multiple units.

    However, waiting longer isn't necessarily going to make the line any shorter, and from what I hear, there's a price increase coming up shortly, with no specifics about how big that price increase will be, so if you've got the budget for it now, it might be worth tossing in while it's still within your budget. You might not get it until next year, but at least you'd have it then instead of needing to wait until the year after AND pay more for it.

    From what the website says, shipping to Australia is around $100-$250 (I'm assuming USD) so make sure to factor that into your budget.

    You also might want to look into the Oculus Touch that is being made available for Pre-order on the 10th. The Vive is currently the best option for interacting within VR, but having an Oculus Touch setup as well would be good for comparing and seeing which suits the specific needs of the university better. Also if you're developing for VR, being able to test on both systems will allow a much broader market to distribute to/test on. You're obviously going to need either the Vive and/or Oculus to use for your actual VR interface, (I suppose you COULD use Gear VR) since the Virtuix Omni only provides the walking tracking.
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