How will the Omni work if the Vive doesn't have joystick or keyboard movement?

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The Vive tutorial, the Vive Home space, Valve/s "The Lab". None of these applications have the ability to move through virtual space with a gamepad joystick or keyboard strokes. Does this mean the Omni will be useless in these applications? Or will there be some way to do so?


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    The Omni is designed for large-scale locomotion beyond a single room. So there's really no point using it in a program like The Lab which is designed to be used in a small space.

    But, you're right, if the game doesn't support keyboard, controllers or the Omni's own SDK, you won't be able to use it. Something that's purely designed for Vive controllers won't work, unless Virtuix hook it into SteamVR somehow as a compatible kind of controller.
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    @lipplog - Once some actual demand is shown for the Omni, and once the SDK is released for including Omni support, I'm sure that even games like "the Lab" will eventually provide updates to take advantage of the hardware so that people with small rooms can still simulate the largest room scale options.
    Right now, there's no support because the hardware just isn't out there for the devs to make sure it works with their games/programs, and it also isn't out there for more than a handful of consumers to be able to benefit from it even if they did add support.
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    Simple question - will the omin replace teleportation in HTC games that require teleport as their only function of moving?

    I have one on order... i really hope they work...
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    I've created a character and had it move with WASD keys no problem using the Vive with the Unity game engine. It's up to developers to allow the controls or not. I don't like the teleport option myself.
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    An OpenVR driver shim could be created that offsets the position of the Vive headset and controllers based on movement on the Omni. I'm sure someone will do it if Omni and Valve don't, I might myself if no-one else does.
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    I was thinking the same thing @radiofan
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    radiofan said:

    An OpenVR driver shim could be created that offsets the position of the Vive headset and controllers based on movement on the Omni. I'm sure someone will do it if Omni and Valve don't, I might myself if no-one else does.

    Would it be hard to do? Making an app/hack that imposes joystick/keyboard maps on all room-scale games? You'd think Virtuix would be working on this themselves.
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    radiofan said:

    I might myself if no-one else does.

    Oh man, please me how to get a hold of you if they don't do it and you do.
  • Don't worry, you won't miss it in this forum in that case, but I'll be very surprised if neither Valve nor Virtuix does it. It's especially really easy for Valve and we've already seen them building other 3rd party drivers, eg for Oculus and the Hydra.
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    Valve would be the best people to support it, as they could hook it into the chaperone system properly so it doesn't get confused when you've walked three kilometres outside the boundaries.
  • A bit more info - there is a setting inside OpenVR called 'SetWorkingStandingZeroPoseToRawTrackingPose' that lets any OpenVR plugin provide an offset between where the user is in the physical room and where the game thinks the user is. It looks to operate in realtime. There's actually an app that lets you play with this setting while you're in a game, so you can simulate what would happen if we connected this setting to the Omni SDK:

    Doing a bit of testing:
    - most games seem to be fine with you moving around the game with this rather than using teleport, etc.
    - however, it doesn't work with all games (eg Acan's call resets you back inside the chaperone once you move outside it, even if you're in the game walls)
    - once you move outside the chaperone bounds they disappear and don't cause any problems
    - not all games stop you clipping through their walls
    - it provides for moving vertically up and down, as well as forwards/backwards and left/right. This could be useful to build a hack to be able to press a shortcut to move down which would allow picking up items from the floor while using the Omni. (though unfortunately doesn't solve the problem that it's impossible to go prone - important for games like Onward)
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    @radiofan, I only got half of what you just said, but if you tell me that downloading and installing that github file will add keyboard or joystick controls to Vive games, I'll do it right now.
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