We need 2 mods: one to play roomscale games in standing mode, and one to add keyboard controls

lipploglipplog Posts: 104
I don't know if Virtuix can legally do this, or it has to be some brilliant modder. But adding these two abilities would quash any issues with using the Vive and Omni together. Anyone know of anything in the works by chance?


  • xxann5xxann5 Posts: 593
    The Omni has the ability to emulate keyboard controls out of the box, and there is not illegal bout it. Really cant image why you would think it would be. In my opinion it is one of there most important features as it mostly solves the chicken and the egg problem with something like the Omni.

    I am really not sure what you mean by "TO PLAY ROOMSCALE GAMES IN STANDING MODE"
  • @xxann5 - pretty sure he means that he wants to be able to play roomscale games without actually having the physical space in the room.(beyond what is taken up by the omni itself) I pretty much have the same expectations for the Omni, but unfortunately that all has to wait until devs actually start adding that support in themselves. All Virtuix can do is make the code to support those features as accessible and as simple to implement as possible.
  • xxann5xxann5 Posts: 593
    I see, ok ya that would be nice but unfortunately many room scale games have other forms of locomotion completely removed and without keyboard or controller input to control locomotion the game would have to have direct support for the Omni.
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