Forum updates 8/18/16

Hi everyone! I've made some updates to the forums recently. You can find the updates listed below:
  • Q&A format for new discussions - Users may designate a discussion as a Question and then officially accept one or more of the comments as the answer.

  • Added Support section with Community Help category - As we get ready to ship large amounts of Omni's, this section was added so that Omni owners can get some quick help from members of our community.

  • Moved Omni Suggestions and Omni Feature Questions to Support section

  • Signatures are back! - Click on Edit Profile > Signature Settings

  • Quote button on posts - Click the quote button on posts for easy quoting

  • Posts can now be flagged as Spam or Abuse in addition to the usual Report button
Thanks for your time!


  • Hi

    Please check my new 2016 show reel!

    My name is Marco Arantes and I've got a lot of experience in 3D/2D animation, concept art, storyboards and character design. For films, games and the TV industry!Please find attached my CV in application for.....I have a strong background in art, and I am currently developing further my 3D animation skills at the university of Arts of London. ABC Diploma,3D animation and Modeling course 2009. In addition to this I have excellent english and basic spanish language skillsI am reliable and punctual person I can ensure this will be delivered at all times.
    You can check part of my showreel in:

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me.

    Kind Regards,

    Marco Arantes


    Ebony Studios
    PS.We need some feedback about our projects ???please let us know if you guys liked it...
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