Extended QA for Omni?

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I have been keeping up to date with Virtuix's newsletters every month, however their plan for production was much more aggressive than what is being fulfilled (maybe I'm wrong here). While I have no issue waiting more time to ensure a quality product, I am curious if there was a specific reason to need the strenuous testing. Was there intermittent production issues? just waiting on better SDK updates so taking their time? ensuring the shipments are all good after being transported for months? I doubt it is anything serious just want to manage expectations is all, and would like to know of potential problems to be aware of if there are any.


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    Hi Aeos,

    Thank you for your message. We did not encounter any major issues or roadblocks, but only the realization that the Omni, with its 200+ custom parts, is a complex product that we can't trust just yet to be sent directly to customers by our manufacturing partner. The first few production runs were full with small issues left and right. All very manageable, but it'll take some time for us to have a production line that just runs smoothly without our oversight. At this time, we want to fully inspect each unit before sending to our customers. Over time, this need will cease, and our production throughput will gradually increase.

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    Yes, this is nothing to worry about @Aeos, all perfectly normal issues to encounter in a first batch of any new product. There's just greater transparency here because it's a crowdfunded project. This was expected, and it's why Virtuix has been cautioning for some time now that they would need to ramp up production slowly, so they could catch and correct mistakes and avoid costly redos / recalls.
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    Cool, thanks for the information! You guys are doing awesome, keep up the good work!
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