Production and Omni Games (Nov 16 Update)

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So what I can gather is that Virtuix are persuing secondary quality control until the end of January 2017 (Chinese New year), only inspecting 216 units per month despite the factory in China producing 2000 units this month. Hopefully once the quality is consistent, Virtuix can ramp up the shipping to Austin or perhaps direct to country depots by Q2 2017.


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    That's right, quality controls have severely throttled the output of Omnis. The factory itself is capable of outputting a much higher volume - but these initial quality inspections will hold that back.
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  • After all, just look what happened to the Note 7 after a few batteries blew up. Basically destroyed the Note series, and crippled Samsung, and they had already established themselves as the only company capable of directly competing with Apple, practically becoming the figureheads of the Android side of the Android/IOS wars.
    Imagine if someone manages to break a leg or even their neck if an uninspected Omni happened to break on someone.

    I might be able to tell guests that it's an art deco piece.
  • I was genuinely impressed with the quality of the Omni PLE had at PAX and it copped a thrashing over that weekend - so be it. And the Note 7 is a good comparison; the Omni has come this far...a temporary slow down will save a terminal fault later.
  • I'm order number 17789. If I ignore kickstarter backers, or their orders being converted to the new order system. 216 a month = 2592 a year. 17789 divided by 2592 = 6.86 years. I look forward to receiving mine in Later 2022 or 2023 :smiley: It's worth the wait to me, but I hope its a few years sooner than that. I know current backers have been waiting patiently as well.
  • We'll have hover boards by then too! But srsly, hopefully nothing prolongs the final checks and we see larger unit numbers being shipped after Jan 2017.
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