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Omni may be the first succesful VR pad, but they're no exactly cheap. someone in China's marketting a VR pad that looks like it'll do more than Omni, for...roughly the same? anyhoo, i'm gonna leave the link here because i want your opinions on this.

(IMHO Omni should step up their game. The more affordable we China can make VR, the more stuff like this will take off fast, and oh boy they're starting to make it cheap now.)


  • edmgedmg Posts: 57
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    1. It's too tall to fit in my house.
    2. More moving parts == more things to break and require maintenance.
    3. I don't want to be running around on a slippery surface with a screen strapped to my face and only a moving pole to prevent me from breaking some bones.

    I've looked at videos of most of the competition, and the Omni still seems like the best choice for home use.
  • Nossforra2Nossforra2 Posts: 84
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    I agree, but it's getting to be a headache waiting on them. I'm really jaded over them prioritizing thier Capital investors over kick/ pre orders
  • edmgedmg Posts: 57
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    Sure, but I don't believe any of the others are shipping yet, anyway. This one certainly isn't.

    I could add that the image looks like a cheaper copy of the Kat VR, and they've apparently ripped off the Omni product description and shoe sizing chart from the Virtuix web site, along with the old Omni price, and I do have to wonder whether there's actually much chance of getting a treadmill from them if you stump up the money.
  • Nossforra2Nossforra2 Posts: 84
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    Oh I agree , but with modders figuring out the SDK of the vive and soon Touch how long until we're tracking leg movements as well then it becomes building a concave platform and carpet sliders...Necessity is the mother of invention...
  • sutekiBsutekiB Posts: 1,069
    I wouldn't buy anything from a company that literally copies and pastes another company's shoe size charts, entire pages of website text, and video banners!
    Community Manager at Virtuix
  • I have no intention of jumping ship just getting sick of the run around.
  • me neither, but if there are cheaper alternatives, i would back them more than Omni. purely on the price factor. mostly because VR is too expensive for Indonesians

  • XainXain Posts: 128
    For all of you that keep linking these ridiculous knock offs, are you serious? Really just think for a moment here. It's like its your first time using the internet. Have they been in mainstream VR sites? Have they been to top conventions showing off their product such as CES? Are there youtube videos showing off their product? If the answer is no then why the hell would you even bring things like this up? Its as if you went into Google and typed, "Cheap Omni treadmills" and clicked the first 'alternative' you found. Waiting sucks, we all know this but DO NOT trust all these knock offs if even one of the three questions above are a no.
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    (actually i found it on 9GAG but whatever. it's not like i can afford it anyway because i'm not an american with some spare $1000 to handle the Omni+shipping. I'm just some broke Indonesian who can't even afford a new PC to switch from his old almost-dying laptop while still questioning his life choices)

    on a sidenote, lol the forum keeps on messing my thumbnail to a smudgy mess

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