Don't need you anymore.

With all due respect the end of the latest blog mimics my emotions on my perception of Virtuix and Jan. We are gonna send 52 a week and if for any reason that don't work for you then we politely don't need your money or investment anymore our business Is up and going now and we have real investors so just ask for your money back. I can't be the only one that feels this way with all respect to the moderators you have yours so your perception is different then mine because you enjoy your omni at your convenience while the rest of us wait for ours right behind the new Capitol partners that didn't have the faith in the company like we did that didn't invest like we did. They should be shipped in the order that we bought into Jan's dream see how patient the NEW investors are.


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    @Nossforra2 Oh gee golly!!!!111! You're totally right! We'll all should get refunds and then use that money to order a treadmill that has already shipp-- oh wait....
    Grats on your impatient childish **** post. Just call, get your refund and be on your way. Or stop being butt hurt and realize that the only way waiting is going to hurt you is if literally tomorrow an alternative becomes available world wide at walmart for you to go instantly pick up.
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    If you're serious about leaving, then you should be doing it by email. If you're hoping to make some sort of public statement by making your request public, then I doubt you'll be getting the public reaction you're hoping for. Virtuix has already started shipping, even if it is slower than people want, so all you're doing with this is letting everyone know that they've moved up a place in line. I'm sure that you'll be cheered on enthusiastically.

    I'm not speaking for Virtuix, I'm just a Kickstarter after all. I understand that it must be difficult to believe that this isn't all just some vaporware scam, since you're not a pathfinder, and don't have the physical proof that I do, demonstrating that Virtuix is following trying to push out the best product possible, but backing out this late just seems silly. If all you're doing is posturing in the hopes of getting appeased in some manner, then again, doing this publicly is only going to be worse for you, since there are a ton of other people behind you in line that would demand Virtuix provide the same appeasement.
  • Is this public there's like eight of us that post , public is a whole different story. I'm bitching to mostly like minded people. Virtuix has to understand regardless of the reason they are disheartening thier base. Sorry if my negativity is not kosher or frowned upon and it ain't about the money. I still share the dream,just getting disappointed in the sandman,
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    @Nossforra2 Your voice is heard, and not just by moderators - Jan does check and post in the forum so he is aware of the disappointment the delays are causing. He also posts in the Kickstarter comments too, expressing his regret for the delays.
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  • Sutekib all negativity aside I'm gonna take a break from complaining have you tried the Doom 3 bfg mod? Absolutely best vr experience I've had,lost myself in it for a minute, I became a space marine. Now I have stout vr legs but if you don't you can tap the slide pad to incrementally move forward helped a lot of friends who aren't as like to know if it's compatible with the omni as you can still use joy pad and keyboard.
  • As well if like you to understand I've helped move probably a dozen units in the south east. Introduced friends to the unit assured them it was a reputable company ,guess that's one of the reasons I'm upset I gave my word on virtuixs word so it's a bit of a wound
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    I have not, but I've been meaning to. I've had some other tasks that have prevented me this week, including familiarising myself with the Unreal SDK. I'm testing the installation procedure, looking to see if there's any feedback I need to give regarding clarity of the documentation, that kind of thing. I'd also like to have a basic understanding of how the SDKs work so I can answer questions about them. Plus, I think it would be fun to experiment with the creative side of things. Make a virtual world and then walk through it - I want to know what that feels like.

    No that's quite understandable, it's a big deal when you vouch for someone or something. If there are missteps, I hope people will see past the big investment numbers you often read about in the newsletters, and remember that it is a very expensive product to develop and produce, and a very small team behind it. There will be some growing pains ahead.
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