How much customization will the software support?

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Hello, I'm a kickstart-supporter from Sweden and I'm very enthusiastic about Omni and Oculus rift not to mention VR i whole.

A few threads in this forum talks about analog movement transferred to digital keystrokes and the obstacles and possibilities the Omni presents. For example: jumping sideways, backwards etc.

I am certain that Omni platform is full of possibilities for different kinds of body movement, but I'd like to know how much room for customization the software will provide, here's a question to explain what I mean:

- Could the software support easy configuring of motions similar to bow and arrow shooting be transferred to a game like Minecraft or Skyrim. (or.. axe/ sword swinging motions in similar games?)

If the configuring tool is easy to use and can use multiple motions to achieve the same keystroke shooting a virtual bow shouldn't be difficult to achieve while a left mouse click also could be another motion for opening a chest.

Thanks for your great work =D


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    The tracking Virtuix is working on seems to be focused on the feet.

    I'm sure what youre asking could be done through Kinect, but that would require at least two Kinects to track 360 degrees. Not to mention the lag of the current generation Kinect.

    What I would suggest is that you take a look at the Myo ( If it works as advertised it allows you to track your arm without any perceivable lag, and free from any line of sight issues.

    Although only available for pre-order at the moment, it should be out when the Omni is scheduled to ship. I'm definitely looking to get one for use with VR.
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    I'm very intrigued but at the same time a bit skeptic to the myo as funtional product as the video seems very "constructed" and a one size fits all for recording electric impulses seems fishy.

    But I totally agree, if it turns out to work well and supports distinction between a large amount of gestures this could be a great contribution to immersion and it being wireless could prove an advantage against the razer hydra which will tangle in the omni. :(

    Would you mind keeping contact, I'd like to know how you like the myos performance once you have aquired it :)
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    I'm wondering if you have to map those gestures to keys or not. If so, then I could see it working perfectly even with a "One size fits all" kind of solution. If not, then I might be a bit more weary of it. Seems like a great idea though!
    Props go to Plixity for the sig.
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    Will certainly post my experiences with any hardware for VR on this forum, including the Myo. But being at the tail end of a 20.000+ order rush (it's like the Rift all over again) I'm sure that someone else will receive theirs first and use it in VR.

    Details about the exact translation are not given yet. But since they are touting it as a device that can integrate with almost anything key mapping would almost be a given. More information on that should be available later this year when they release their SDK.

    Was skeptical myself as well. But looking at the financial backers of Thalmic Labs (Intel & Spark Capital) gives me hope that this will deliver on their promises. Enough at least for me to pre-order one.
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