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I think in order to give developers the funding to keep developing games for the Omni, the arcade purchases of a one time game payment may not be enough to fund a team of developers. Now I understand that most developers would think to make their game non exclusive "compatible" with other input devices.. but I think to encourage a high fidelity VR arcade experience with the Omni, the game title should be exclusive -something that can't be easily found but when videos are broadcast about the player's experience they flock to the Omni Arcades -because that's where it's at! -who uses this kind of strategy? Xbox, Sony etc -they have exclusive game titles that ensure customers buy their console. AND they have store subscriptions that the home user has to pay to get online.

Unlike Early Access Steam games whereas many titles drop off into Oblivion even with the amount of users or audience they get titles come and go. A subscription method paying to studios I feel would help continual development of the title and could be upgraded as the Omni gets upgraded but should not be allowed to add another title if the last one is not very playable/short on content and hasn't reached their stable financial goal or paid off the Omni Financing on their first game title.

If any part of the commercial license fees or Omni purchases could be paid into initial game title launch for a 3, 6, 12 month or even annual term then it could accelerate the Development process, complete games faster. I I think the more popular a game can become that term payments can be extended. If a game title is popular and has reached a stable goal revenue from Arcade subscriptions then any higher, Virtuix would choose to withdraw financial support and if the goal revenue is high that a small % is paid to Virtuix so Virtuix can in turn help finance other game startups. If the game title looses popularity/profit they could choose to ask Virtuix to restore financing to upgrade/extend it or drop further development.

So in short an Omni Financing Startups could look like this:
#1.Game title review to apply for term financing which goes through review and term can be extended or declined and unlisted if development is stagnant and incomplete. Subscribers/Arcades or Virtuix specifically could immediately step in/Vote to select/initialize which games would qualify for financing.
#2.Game Reaches Financial Target which at this point Virtuix Game Financing ends
#3.Game Exceeds Profit Margins Set by Virtuix which at this point a small % is given back to Virtuix to pay off the financing
#4.Once the Virtuix financing is paid off a smaller % is paid to Virtuix from the ongoing subscriptions.
#5.If the game title sinks under stable revenues, the developer can choose to reapply or discontinue development and is subject to conditions stated in #1.

Developers applying for Virtuix financing would have to accept an Omni game title exclusive agreement (the game that receives Virtuix financing isn't allowed to make their game available for non Omni games) maybe unless the financing was paid off. (the more flexible, non controlling Virtuix becomes, the more people/developers will spread the word and flock to Virtuix other wise if people feel like they are trapped/locked into ongoing contracts then they may not attempt developing with Virtuix)

This just came to me this morning, I hope it helps ignite Virtuix into something big-quickly :wink:

Extra condistions
Virtuix could choose to set the store price on single or volume game Arcade Subscription Licenses if the developer is financing and how


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    How the selection/voting process might work:
    1.Developer fills out application to ask for community/arcade business funding help, states how many developers are currently working on the project, how many more developers are need to achieve time frame, submits estimated budget, time frame for production release -all arcades who subscribe to fund the game title get optional access to all betas when available and can submit feedback/suggest changes.
    2.Arcades can select a baseline subscription/funding amount or choose to give more -more can entitle the Arcades to have multiple game title licenses and or not have to pay ongoing expenses in the future as a reward
    3. Virtuix can step in at any point and decide if they want to help accelerate the development which would entitle Virtuix to adjust the store price so they receive a % of royalties rather than just the standard store payment processor fees to cover operation costs that Virtuix would normally charge for hosing game installers and managing game listings. -this would likely require consent of the developer upon signup when and if applying for funding/financing - This would be the same for Arcades, the developer would have to accept terms consenting for Arcades to take % for funding.
    4. This brings me to the other interesting option -for the Arcades to get a return/royalties of the game title if they choose to invest/finance the developer. Some Arcades might just opt in for access/game title license while others can choose to invest/finance the game into development
    5. * The End User - it could be an interesting idea if a customer was able to subscribe and receive a % of Royalties after development completes -the end user can also help decide which game would be preferable to play and this would also help Arcades, Virtuix and the Developers -everything is accelerated! game titles/development, Virtuix and Arcade growth.
    Who wins?
    * Virtuix -due to the increasing game pool Virtuix attracts more business sales and maybe in the future it funds the way for consumer editions..Virtuix may also get a % of royalties rather than operating costs people pay to host and list their game.
    * The developer finishes the game and profits monthly.
    * The Arcade gets a great game and maybe either lessens the licensing costs or doesn't have to pay any after the goal/funding has been reached as a reward.
    * The Customer/End User -gets to have the greatest VR experience!
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