So... Anyone live in Austin and could help me with some freight?

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I'm pretty bummed with the latest news and my thoughts go out to those who were the first international backers that saw the Omni as a piece of wood, fell in love with the possibilities it could offer, saw it grow over three years into a piece of science-fact technology and in the 11th hour, have it all dashed away.

The Omni was the catalyst for my YouTube channel that was going to be amongst the van garde of active VR gamers, bridging the gap between gaming and fitness and would hopefully take people on a journey to be positive about gaming and also motivate to be healthy. I truely think Virtuix will eventually ship internationally but not for the foreseeable future, so in the interim I'm asking to see if there is anyone who lives in Austin that could help me out with some logistics. I imagine it would involve not only providing address details for Virtuix to generate an order for but also a fair bit of leg work to deliver the boxes to a freight company to forward to me in Australia. I know this is not what Virtuix wants as they can't offer support outside US but I'm prepared to take the risk/cost as I have already risked and lost multiple opportunities to work on my YouTube channel.

Not certain would could be the incentive to help me out but open for suggestions. Certainly free merch could be a possibility but if there are any takers you could contact me via email at [email protected] . Still looking forward to the feedback and gameplay from first US recipients too!


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