Ooh No! I Just Read This Online About The Cancelation Of The Omni


  • What are you asking? Or are you being sarcastic? Hard to tell on a forum...
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  • @fenix777tj - yes, it's true that the guy writing that article is very upset. Yes, it's true that Virtuix has decided that it will not be able to handle the requirements of supporting the Omni in other countries, and therefor will be refunding international backers. Yes, it's true that Virtuix is partnering with Hero entertainment for distributing the Omni in China and some other Asian regions. Yes, it's true that Virtuix is also no longer taking new orders in the US as part of their focus on commercial distribution. It is not clear if this last point will be a permanent issue, or if Virtuix will accept new home orders after they have caught up with the current list of pre-orders and the various commercial options they pick up in the states.
    No, Virtuix is not dead, but merely dead to the person writing the article.
  • Yes, for everyone except Americans and Chinese people, the Omni is dead. I have asked for my refund. I think that now, the only way forward for the rest of the world is to go open-source and either build your own, or club together intellectually at first to produce a great product that can be modular and simple. If we keep the designs free, and post the parts into thingiverse, we can make the parts ourselves, and source the electronics from local / international suppliers, we could make a similar item much cheaper.
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