VUE VR Treadmill @ Iniegogo

all I - backed until now- from chinese people was shiped like promised.

I backed this one - they ship all over the world. The open system looks promising. I will ask them if I can get two of them ...

I think it was a big bug of virtuix not to ship to their backers - a lot of them will advertise the vue now ...

best regards FR3D


  • Like I had mentioned in other posts, any company based in China can get stuff shipped much easier because it is a communist country who has no regard for international laws.
    ANYTHING I ever get shipped directly from China is misrepresented on the customs papers. They can lie and get away with it because their government does not care about it.

    In the USA, such behavior can get you a one-way ticket to Guantanamo Bay depending on the receiving address.

    However, I am glad options are appearing for those of you outside the USA.
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    @FR3D LMFAO. cheers mate, you have fun with that pos.
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    hey it was not my idea to choose another treadmil. The day virtuix made the decision not to ship their omnis to international backer virtuix was aware of that most backer will search for another available treadmil.
    what else should the backer do if they want one ?

    At the time I will receive the vue I will help to enhanceit.the same way i would have done with the omni !

    so don't lough at me - i have no choice !

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    from the video, there seems to be a lot of rubber banding. Delays between starting and stopping walking.
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    A big concern is that it wont fit in homes/apartments of standard ceiling heights of 8Ft. I haven't read their specs
  • like we have any other choice??
  • @FR3D - Frankly, I don't believe you, like literally doubting that you actually invested money in this. Maybe you've got the funds to just toss out hundreds of dollars at a whim, and maybe you're the type to believe anyone who can build a good looking mockup, but I just have trouble believing anyone can take the Vue seriously, and particularly not someone who has previously been invested with the Omni.
    1) the Vue STILL has that issue with the HMD wrapping around the post, I hope that Wireless HMD adapter for the Vive delivers flawlessly and becomes available soon or you're going to be lucky if you don't accidentally hang yourself.
    2) color aside, this looks flimsy, and not suitable for anyone who isn't asian-sized. The guy showcasing it looks all of 5 feet tall, and if you're 6 feet, it looks like any bit of a jump or aiming overhead motion has a solid chance of bumping painfully into that arm. That's not even getting into how flimsy the support arm looks. I hope your balance is REALLY good, because if you actually stumble and put your weight on this thign for real, it may just come down on top of you, and if you're in VR at the time, you may not realize it's happening until it's too late. Compare this to the KatVR system. The support arm on the side is GIGANTIC. Maybe its' all just a large shell around a similar structure, but that at least looks like it'll support a guy. Please understand, even the Omni has a small degree of flex to it while it's being used, and that's designed to minimize that kind of thing, the Vue is like a gigantic lever arm asking to be snapped off.
    3) Does the price not give you even the slightest bit of hesitation? They are basically giving these for $500 each. That's the same as the Omni for what is theoretically a more complex system. On top of that they are only trying to raise $20000? 26 backers and 9 days left? Now okay, maybe coming in new, you can think "okay that sounds like a reasonable price for a VR treadmill" but you've just dealt with this whole Omni nonsense, you've seen the price point rise up to $1000 and then drop international people, and you know that it's up around $7000 for whatever type of package is going to Commercial buyers. Where in all of that information do you see this Chinese company somehow being better prepared and capable to get their units produced and shipped at a safe and reliable quality? I know you got your money back from Virtuix, but are you really that confident that you're going to be able to get something out of this company? If the exact same thing happens to this company that happened to Virtuix, are you certain you'll even get any refund at all?

    My conclusion is that you didn't actually throw your money at this, but you specifically posted about it here because you wanted to do something to make Virtuix feel bad about not shipping to you; "You're breaking up with me? FINE! I'll hook up with a total douchebag with aids and not use protection, and everything that comes from that poor decision will be YOUR FAULT!"

    I suppose it's possible that you actually invested money, but you could have just as easily posted all of this without actually investing anything at all, which I hope for your own sake you did. If you really did throw your money at this, I hope that things turn out at least as well for you as they did with Virtuix. If they do manage to deliver this thing to you, I pray for your safety and that it's an even remotely enjoyable experience.
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    @GreyAcumen I figured something similar but honestly? I give this guy the same consideration that I give when steffen1980 posts 20 times in a row along with anyone who has 5 posts total or less that posts some crazy chinese/virtuix conspiracy theory. Getting burned sucks but sticking around afterward to try to get some... what revenge? Payback? That's just spiteful. I'd have some sympathy if Virtuix didn't issue a refund along with interest.
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    @GreyAcumen I backed several things @indiegogo until totay. I made no negative experiences.
    if you sell small quantities - you need no very expensive tooling - thats the trick !
    OK I understood that I'm not welcome here in this fanboy only forum - I wish you a happy christmas and a happy new year ...
    best regards FR3D
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    @FR3D - You're perfectly welcome here. I'm certainly not going to blame you for being upset at Virtuix for reneging on promises they've been reiterating since day 1, way back 3 years ago, regardless of refunds. I'm just concerned that you may not be pursuing the healthiest outlets for expressing that outrage. I'm hoping you aren't just throwing your money away, and the major concern I'm trying to express is about the mindset you have where you seem so willing to do just that. Were I in your place, I would be wary of anything that claimed to be doing anything like the Omni, until I saw reviews from actual real users who had posted videos of using it themselves, to play real games, at home, unsupervised.

    I've already seen all the items you've linked to, and none of them do anything to alleviate any of my skepticism. The TPcast might work, but even the article states that there was the occasional artifacting (which might be even worse with other wireless devices running interference) and it's still not available outside of China, the Vue still has the cable issue that will be prevalent until the TPCast is made available. There's still the structural integrity that I'm concerned about on the Vue itself, and even if it does support you, if they're selling it in such small quantities, then it's unlikely to ever see any decent games officially support it. (unless they manage to piggyback on the progress that Virtuix is spearheading through the tough calls you're upset with)

    But if you do get what you ordered, please do come back and let us know how it actually works. I've always liked the idea of using a suspended harness system to allow a less impeded movement, but I've yet to stumble across any decent videos of anyone actually using one of these things (even the KatVR) that wasn't doing it supervised at a convention and filmed/edited specifically by the people who made the thing. And nothing in the videos/images I've seen have done anything to impress me.
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    Its a knockoff, of a knockoff
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    At least in that respect it's being true to the original.

    Disclaimer: the original being what it's base on, not the Omni.
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