Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

JoeJoe Posts: 201

Tracking pods, concave base, keyboard emulation, and even custom shoes!


  • AdminoAdmino Posts: 38
    Without knowing its dimensions, the height doesn't appear very appealing to me. That said, I'll probably hold off on pre-orders now and wait until they have an actual product that's shipping overseas.

    "Once bitten..." as they say.
  • JoeJoe Posts: 201
    Been going back and forth with them, and they're doing a build to order system. They also are saying they're ready to go now (they threw some shade at omni saying it shouldnt take two years to get a product someone orders on thier fb page). Im going to wait till I see reviews, and balance against the next omni updates (should be any minute now, they usually update on the first). If Omni doesnt have good news and Vie ships, Ill cancel and go give them a try. I just want a dev platform at this point to solve motion so I can code up the experiences Im going after
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