Oculus Minecraft: Released

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Its... its Minecraft for the Oculus.

This was supposed to be great.

This was supposed to be awesome...

Why am I not excited?! Because frankly, it sucks. It needs the Omni to not suck. Minecraft for the Oculus rift WANTS the Omni. It doesn't just want it, it NEEDS it if it wants to succeed at all. The movement schemes in FPS do not work without a physical forum to translate movement. It requires them to be fluid. Minecraft itself knows this, primarily feeding the user VR through the TV screen inside the Oculus format, which, honestly, ruins the whole idea. Why should my minecraft VR be removed three times from reality when we have the opportunity to show it through the lenses of 1st person VR?

We need the Omni now, we need it soon. I'm convinced that VR is doomed without a movement peripheral such as the Omni, and as the most advanced and first to market option, I am now holding my breath waiting for this product. Your move Omni, its a tall order, but most of the work is already done for you, just get out there and make VR what it should be:



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    If you had posted this 6 months ago I would have said you where over reacting. I would have said the Omni will be really fun but not absolutely necessary to have fun in VR. Now after playing quite a bit of VR I have to agree with you. Games that are built for room scale are really cool but so far have been very limited or rely on teleportation, which i find very annoying and immersion breaking. Even games like Fallout 4 FarCry 4 and GTAV with Vorpx that relly on standard movment just dont feel right and i am not talking about sim sickness, it takes ALLOT to get me sick in VR.
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    This made me cry.

    Even considering recent developments, it still applies.
  • This is just a commercial set-back. People are demanding this product and will continue to, especially the more sports-oriented individuals who found themselves so attracted to COD and Battlefield over the last decade where before they would have just accused everyone of being a nerd. Man that old stereotype, still true though if you look to the past, and it works as a lens to predict who would benefit most from this technology, physically oriented young adult men. Target demo. VR football. Bleh. But there it is, I hate NFL Games, and sports games in general, but they'll eat them up like butter given the chance.
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    Why does everyone say 'I have an Oculus,' or 'for the Oculus.' Oculus is the company, Rift is the headset. Its like me saying I have an HTC.

    @xxann5 My guess is he feels this way because he has yet to try roomscale and only just got his touch controllers, or have you gotten that 3rd camera yet @gleamingsands
    Honestly at first I could not imagine VR without the Omni and it was in fact the sole reason I got a VR headset... but then I tried my first roomscale game and was **** blown away. I still want my Omni but VR is still amazing without it.

    @Admino Not so sure it still applies with the tracking pucks HTC just announced. A company could spring up selling an Omni base now advertising full tracking if you attach 2 of those new trackers to your feet.
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    @xain - I get where you're coming from, but it's not really much different than saying you need a Kleenex or a Band-aid, or that you're wearing Levis or a pair of Nikes. Oculus may be the company and Rift may be the product, but the only product Oculus produces is the Rift, (other than the Touch, which expands on the Rift) and it was the first of the major current headsets available for purchase. When you combine that with the fact that "rift" is a much more generic term("I have a rift" is much more confusing without context than "I have an oculus") the result is that Oculus, and the HMDs that they make have gone from being virtually to literally synonymous.
    Sorry, but that's just how living languages work. The only reason for language to exist is to convey information, and this is a case where saying oculus frequently conveys the desired concept much more accurately and faster than trying to be more technically accurate in saying rift. So you might as well get used to it now.
  • Yeah, whenever I say Rift, people have no idea what I am talking about until I throw Oculus in there.
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    @CheezWiz -
    Google searching... Rifts - 2nd page, Rift - 5th result, Oculus - 1st result.
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