Will we have access to Hero Software?

General US consumers are the last man standing in the general consumer market. Given the switch to an arcade platform in order to bring in developers for an otherwise closed platform, I have a number of questions I wonder if anybody has bothered to ask.

1. Will these applications be available to the consumers at a reasonable price given.
2. Will these applications be multi-platform, supporting both the Rift and Vive.
3. If these applications are available to non-arcade, home consumers, will they be made available through the Steam store, or will they be stand-alone applications?

I understand that Hero Entertainment is going to own exclusive licensing rights to these games, but given the advantages of the US Market i.e. higher profit margins in software, it is arguable that translated versions should make their way to the US market for the benefit of the few thousand domestic Omni owners stateside.

I've never seen a corporate company that didn't want to expand.


  • I highly doubt I'm going to find any game formatted for Arcade use to appeal to my own preferences, but it would be rather shameless of Virtuix to not provide kickstarters and pre-orders who will still be receiving units access to that software. They might as well give a homeless man a can of soup with no can opener.
  • This is actually an incredibly important question. There is every chance in the world that, as Hero Entertainment will own the rights to this software and, as the US market, for now, is stunted indefinitely, we will not receive access to even limited releases of their software. @admin @sutekiB @KellCam_Virtuix, please, enlighten us to the best of your abilities.
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