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    @travis1409 - Unless you already have a game you're developing that is ready to add Omni support, you're really better off waiting for now. I've gotten the Omni as one of the Pathfinder beta testers, and while the experience is noticeably different from regular VR, it just makes the current lack of Omni support in VR community's development direction that much more frustrating. The longer you wait, the more time there is for potential developers to get Omnis and develop their games specifically FOR the Omni to work with.
    Hopefully this will also give more time for Virtuix to improve the gesture recognition of the Omni as well. It's nice to be able to walk around, but I have only found that the more immersive a VR experience gets, the higher my expectations become of what the game should recognize. Now I'm left wanting the ability to kick and stomp, and the ability to recognize specific movements like skating motions, or fluttering motions for swimming, or recognizing just leaning for Skiing games, etc, which are all things that a game must be specifically developed for, not something the Omni can be expected to do all on its own.
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    No. I am not better off the longer I wait. I would rather have my omni and play Skyrim or Far Cry while I wait for the games to catch up than watch all these VR games get developed while I can only move in a tiny square of space or teleport. I am not better off waiting because I was happy 3 years ago when I thought I would be able to get my game without any real VR games out and only DK Headsets. As a person who owns one already, don't tell someone who is still waiting that they are better off waiting. As far as I stand now, when a game comes out that can be played well with the omni I just have to sit and wait while you get to play it immediately because you have on already. I am impatient as hell at this point and I am frustrated beyond belief that I still have months to wait still, assuming there's not another delay that pushes it into next year.... AGAIN!
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    I ended up just cancelling my order for now. I decided to delay my VR experience for a couple years after building a desktop specifically for VR and getting a GTX 980 ti that won't output video to my DK2 (but works fine in every other way, and the DK2 works fine with my laptop lol)... ...It would just be REALLY NICE to get exercise by playing counter-strike. In a few years the VR user experience will be much better; wait for 8k so there's less of a screen door effect, more peripherals, and more content built with those peripherals in mind.
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    I actually just joined the forum because I wanted to talk about the Rift, Omni, HTC, and VR as much as possible to as many people as possible. I learned a lot from this forum. Its been very useful, but you'll notice I probably haven't complained about the Omni shipping problems in any real way, only commented on them. Personally I think that cancelling orders on the premise of bad luck with outdated hardware is flatly silly. To be honest, everyone involved in VR should understand that this is not a budget enterprise. The rigs we are talking about in regards to processor power, hardware capabilities, and manufacturing cost put every individual here within a minority of people who have 2000.00+ USD available to spend on non-vital luxury goods. If you are constantly complaining about how long an entrepreneurial venture into an experimental field which has been growing in unforeseeable ways over the last half decade is taking, you are not the individual at which this technology could have ever been fairly or profitably marketed to to begin with.

    Let's be honest, if you are liberal enough with your money to spend a full time min. wage employees monthly income on a single individual luxury with no clear date of return with the understanding that the money you are spending is equivalent to a non-interest return investment, and then seek to constantly complain and demand the company qualify its decisions during times of clear progress or simply demand your money back, you are not only disrupting the enterprise as a whole, but damaging the ultimate product by putting money on the table which your were either unwilling or unable to wait for a return on.
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    Waiting on an investment return, waiting on the Omni, waiting on any kickstarter, is not what I am now or have I ever been complaining about. I am complaining about the undeniably consistent pushbacks and delays that we have had. If I would have been told from the beginning that it would take years then I wouldn't have had any issues with the long wait, but we were promised less than a year and 4 years later have not received the Omni. If it were a few delays and pushbacks then I, again, wouldn't be complaining, but it's been more than ten times that we have been given a soft delivery window that has been pushed back. I don't mind waiting, especially for an unfinished and untested product, I am frustrated by the way the fact that instead of just saying "it's going to take another 3 years" they said "Give us another quarter" every single quarter since the very first estimated delivery was pushed back.
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    Well the waiting does suck, I cant argue that. I also would have loved for them to say we will be shipping the Omni on date X 3 years from now and have that be true. However that is, at best, completely unrealistic. If it was not for Virtuix going the Kick-starter route we likely would have never heard anything about it accept for maybe an overall concept until perhaps E3 of this year. Because of Kickstarter we get to see the design and manufacturing process step by step. This is, in my opinion, really cool. It also completely sucks as we are constantly being updated on something we really want but don't actually know when we are going to get it. We also get to witness any and all product delays we would otherwise have no idea about if the Omni was privately funded.
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    Wow this is really messed up.

    They now taken to ignoring request for refunds since NO units have been shipped and they are offering to build a unit for businesses at the price of over $6000 (and if you backed them via Kickstarter they would deduct that from the $6000 price tag!)

    So ya Virtuix might be a bit on the late side but at least they seem to be a reputable company that is still focused on delivering what they promised.
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    What company is that?
  • xxann5xxann5 Posts: 593
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    that first line is actually a link to reddit, though its hard to see.
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    There's even talks of lawsuits from members trying to get their money back. Looks like we made the right choice, boys; payday's coming in the next few months :) I do feel bad for those guys though. Hope they get at least a percentage of their money back.
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    The sad thing about all this is that I can see people deliberately pasting out of context quotes all over the place in order to vent their frustrations, and the end result is, at best, going to tank Cyberith's rep and ability to continue to pull in money and completely shut down any chances of the Virtualizer ever being a thing, which means even if they do get their models, nothing other than Acan's Call will ever be developed for them.
    I wonder if Virtuix can buy out the rights to it so that they don't have to worry about getting blocked from future developments that might implement similar ideas. I like the fact that you can play it in socks and without a harness and that it has height adjustment, but I don't like the flat surface even the slightest bit.
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    Perhaps, but don't forget that Cyberith are the ones that put themselves in this position. They are the ones that took down the ability to buy a Virtualizer from there site and changed the site to a more business focused site. They are also the ones outright refusing to give refunds and are telling people that did back there kickstarter that will take whatever money the put it and give them a credit on a $6000 product. I am not sure how the folks at Cyberith can even walk with ball that big.

    I for one have never thought much of Cyberith or the Virtualizer. All the videos I have seen from them all seem like sleazy used car pitches.

    If they do get a lawsuit filed against them and that does end up tanks the company, then so be it. I for one will not pity them in the least. Regardless of the circumstances or the reasoning behind what they did, are doing, the end result is that allot of people are being screwed out of allot of money.

    As far as Acan's Call goes if everything pans out the way its looking to pan out then i will not be buying that game on principle alone.

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    Anyone remembers this announcement?
    "Well, here's the official (and final) Omni production schedule:
    -September: 258 units (5 containers)
    -October: 810 units (15 containers)
    -November (estimate): 1,500 units
    -December (estimate): 2,000 units"

    Today we got an update that says that as of now there have been "more than 900" omnis constructed. This is again WAY OUT of the "final" production prediction. Does that 900 include the omnis that are constructed for the commercial partners? Are the early adopters getting royally screwed by Virtuix?

    I'd like some answers and someone to issue a honest announcement for a change.

    BTW I am also an investor in Virtuix and I would like to know something about the ethics of the company i put my money on.


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    Wow, 900 Omni units have been shipped so far? How many Kickstarter backers were there? I have OMNI order #1465, so I guess I should be getting mine in about 1-2 months?
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    Guess again. In the January investor update the following was shared " Within China, we have also delivered more than 800 Omni units to our joint-venture partner for the Chinese commercial entertainment market." Which means that a little over 100 Omnis are been manufactured to be sold to the thousands of early adopters who like me sunk their money 3 years ago.
    In the investor update in October they estimated that the current commercial market in China needs more than 5000 omnis. If we get about 100 early backer units for every 800 sold to China i estimate you will get zip for at least another year or more. The answer to my original question is leaning to "royally screwed".
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    I guess the USA is then only getting it's OMNI's at all because of legal repercussions which would occur if they cancelled our orders..... Fingers crossed I get it in 2017.. he he...
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    yannis said:

    Within China, we have also delivered more than 800 Omni units to our joint-venture partner for the Chinese commercial entertainment market." Which means that a little over 100 Omnis are been manufactured to be sold to the thousands of early adopters who like me sunk their money 3 years ago.

    THIS is really not cool. at least now we know where their priorities are

  • Actually they are about to strip the Austin inspection out of the equation and start shipping them straight to the customer. After the Chinese e New Year I think things will speed up.And for the charecter of Jan and Virtuix as a whole ,if you pay attention to the forum you know I've raised as much Cain if not more then anybody on here and have been treated with nothing but kindness and respect. Yes we all agree things did not work out the way we hoped but as a Human being in a messed up world you can't ask for a kinder individual to deal with. But @GreyAcumen can be a bit testy lol.
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