How does the harness ring track the direction I am turned?

I know a cable (kind of like a phone jack) get plugged into the stationary ring, but what tech is using?


  • Can you tell me if it is an inductive proximity sensor?
  • Please don't make me take mine apart to find out.
  • XainXain Posts: 128
    You have one and it works... You want to know this why? Taking it apart, tampering with it with the chance of potentially breaking it and Virtuix not honoring the warranty because you messed with does not seem like it would be worth it.
  • curiosity killed the cat
  • Do you think the magnet is in the stationary or harness ring?
  • well, unless the harness is the part doing the tracking, it's much more likely that the sensor would be on the ring, and the magnets would be on the harness. However it's anyone's guess what configuration the magnets are in and how that data is interpreted.
  • gah, I want real answers, if virtuix isn't going to tell us ..someone brave enough to take it apart will.
  • I just don't think taking it apart will actually answer of those questions in any meaningful manner. It would be easier just to think logically about how magnetic tracking could be implemented. If there's a magnet in each side of the harness, then you just need a sensor inside that detects those magnets in some manner. Now that could be done by having a bunch of separate sensors placed around the ring that each just return a "senses magnet" value (based on the strength of the magnetic force) when it detects the magnets, and then maybe a single hub to interpret that as a directional output. It might also just be done by having a single "wire" run around the entire length of the Omni ring, and then just letting the magnets generate a current in the ring, which is detected both in the direction and the speed of the turning in order to calculate your position from that. The former would give better degree of recognition of specific position within the ring, but that's not super important as long as you can calculate the relative position accurately, so my odds are either with just the latter, or the latter supplemented by the former.
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    Again, why does it matter unless you are trying to write a piece of software that takes your movements on the Omni and emulates you walking around your room for roomscale games.
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    Please don't disassemble the Ring - all the unicorns and rainbows will pour out (and you'll invalidate the warranty).
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    Hall effect sensors trip when magnets go by...if I was designing it and used magnets that may be the route Id go. Other techniques for tracking rotation include rotary encoders, capacitive sensors, and gyro/magnetometer(compass). See things like the 9dof sensors or 6dof from sparkfun
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    I wish the shoes were tracked the same way :smile: the ring seems to be very accurate.

    I did drill into my ring, but a fairy flew out, punched me on the nose (felt like a pin-prick) and flew back in. I taped over the hole to keep the rest of them in, but I do feed them some glitter every now and then. They like it a little too much, so I only do it after I've done for the evening, otherwise I tend to run sideways. The red glitter especially makes them wonky.

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