What Order Number were you when you Backed This projet?



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    I am pretty sure there numbering system is not a direct correlation to how many pre-orders they have. For many reasons its not a good idea to use predictable numbers like that. Also if it was the number of pre-oerds it would mean that just about every Vive and Rift user has made a pre-order, and while i would love for that to be the case i seriously doubt it.
  • @xxann5 - actually, I don't see it as that difficult to believe. There isn't really any reason for Virtuix to need to obfuscate customer order numbers. Either the number should be attached to the number of orders made, or the number of units pre-ordered, so either there are around 18k units ordered, or even MORE than that.

    I don't really see those numbers as being that bad. I'm confident that Oculus and Vive together should have at least 20k units, including the Vive, the DK2 and the CV1, and I'm also confident that there are many people pre-ordering the omni even before getting a VR headset, because they know that the Omni will be a while before arriving, whereas the Oculus/Vive can be shipped within a week (or less) to a month from ordering. There are also many companies doing bulk pre-orders, who are getting them for research or development purposes or even for VRcades. That can add up to a lot of units purchased ahead of the purchased headsets.
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    I missed a zero there, lol thought it read 178000. oops. so yes I could totally see them having 17K pre-orders. Last numbers i read was 200K HMD's sold.

    Not obfuscating numbers is a very bad idea. From a security standpoint you make things much easier for people that are trying to do nefarious things. If you can accurately generate a list of valid account/order numbers you then have a huge amount of hack-able data that took you zero effort or risk to get. Imagine if credit card numbers where sequential. This is a huge problem with US social security numbers. If you have someones date of birth and the town they where born in you can calculate most of that persons SSN. Google did a very good job with there YouTube video ID's. There none sequential and store no information about the video. There is also vertually unlimited number of them 11^34(I think) It will be 1000 years(not kidding) before there are even two video's with consecutive ID's

    There is also a business side to it. by having your order numbers starting at 1 and going up sequentially you just subtly gave away the exact amount of pre-orders you have. That may not be desired.

    Now is this a big deal for Virtuix? No, probably not. But with 10 min of effort to generate a none sequential number, say something between 1,000,000 and 9,999,999, would prevent any information leak and prevent people reliably guessing order number. That would also give them more than enough numbers to work with and the number of digests would always be the same, which keeps reports and string sorting/formatting easy and consistent.

    Devil is in the details, as they say :D
  • I always assumed that the order# isn't actually used for any actual verification. You could contact Virtuix and go "I'm order #1XXXX" but they'd immediately be like "okay, so what's name, contact info, etc"

    I suppose with people actually TALKING about their preorder numbers, and with the existence of facebook that could be traced back from people's profiles here, it would eventually get more problematic. Right now, most people I see posting here aren't doing much to spread their personal info, so there's not much benefit to knowing anyone's pre-order number.

    I suppose you are right that Virtuix will want to adjust their system before that becomes an issue. Right now though, it does seem like pre-order numbers are just simply your place in the system. I don't see any reason why they would want people to not know how many pre-orders there are, since that helps demonstrate that there is enough interest to warrant attention and support from developers, and also help guarantee that Virtuix will be sustainable long term so that we know this wont become a useless statue 3 years down the road.
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    Backer number 40 checking in. We are getting close people!.
    I was also an early Oculus backer and was nicely rewarded for that one, hope Virtuix follows their lead.
    Omni Backer #40!
    Rift Backer #2,770 (That was a good one!)
    Middle Tennessee
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    Im backer on kick starter number 2144 i just saw they added payment info for the shipping I believe its coming close for me. I hope someone updates me when I can expect my omini. ORDERED OCT 14 2014
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