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@GreyAcumen @sutekiB what have you guys been using for cleaning your Omni surface? I e been seeing a bunch of different posts online about it and curious what you all been using.

(Before you ask yes I watched the cleaning video haha)


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    Just soap and water on occasion. Normally a damp cloth is enough, and most of the time I just use a dry cloth to wipe away dust.
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    I have a soft brush I occasionally dust with. I threw an old bedsheet I had laying around and sewed the edges in so that it functions as a rudimentary cover when not in use. It's the only way to get my cats to stay off the dang thing and quit tracking dirt and litter on it.
    I had been suggesting that Virtuix put 10 seconds into designing up a basic cover since I first got into the pathfinder program. I had the idea to offer different options ranging from; "covers when not in use" to "can stay on even during use to prevent outsiders from fiddling with buttons" to "is cut resistant and can prevent the Omni from being stolen from public booths/arcades"
    Had Virtuix not shut down consumer sales, I probably would have run a kickstarter for something official for them myself, but now I don't think the footprint will be large enough to justify the expenditure.
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    @GreyAcumen A cover would be super slick!! I' have a giant California king bed sheet I've been using when not in use haha.
    @sutekiB and @GreyAcumen where do you two find the waist belt strap to be most comfortable and useful? I am about 5' 10" / 5' 11" ish in height and set my Omni to 4 like the video said but it felt WAY to low like i was crouch walking the whole time so I popped it up to 5 and now at 6 with the belt just above my hips on my lower stomach and find it to be the most fluent feeling so far.
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    @DanteM The suggested height setting of 4 is only for the first time you get in. That is the medium height setting - since we don't know what height each person will be, it makes sense not to start with it too high or low. Once you get in, you should adjust it to suit your own height. The belt should go across your hips. At 5'11", my preferred height setting is 7.
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