@admin see if you can get support added for this awesome game


  • adminadmin Posts: 169
    Thanks RABID. Will this game have a VR mode? (not directly clear from their website)
  • RABIDRABID Posts: 198

    When we started development on STRAFE® we worked hard to lay the foundation for the VR experience with the intention of revisiting it after the game was complete and adding in any new features that may have been discovered to make the experience more comfortable.

    Well in those 2+ years VR has changed with the advent of motion controllers. We aren’t super happy with the keyboard + Mouse experience in VR so we’re going to focus on getting the game out and then after a bit of release support turn our focus on trying to get the game to support motion controllers. Either way, the VR experience needs more time and love and although I would love to say we’re shipping with support it looks like we’re going to have to hold off a bit.

    Also we’re planning on also supporting the Vive along with the Oculus.
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