Native Footstep Tracking Accuracy with Footstep Sound

AscensiAscensi Posts: 119
In the game demo(s) that come with the Omni, I haven't heard any footstep sounds in the video.. is there any footstep tracking with synchronized footstep sounds? or is this too hard to accomplish real-time accuracy at this time that if used in its current state would break the immersion?


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    Unless you have incredible noise cancelling headphones I'd say there is a very low chance you can't hear your own footsteps in game - no software needed.
  • AscensiAscensi Posts: 119
    lol well that's good.. I wouldn't want to hear my actual footsteps in the game.. but since this thread is about VO SDK/game dev, I'm talking about character sound fx footsteps - walking on in game dirt, tiles, metal etc and this in turn having accuracy triggered by your actual foot steps. - there seems to be no indication that it exists based upon VO video demos so I'm hoping someone from the VO team might be able to inform us otherwise.

    Native VO games I believe should already have the pod tracking to trigger footsteps sounds (foot touches omni = footstep sound in game) Non native games will likely be more emulated and need calibration maybe for each game.
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    I understand where @Ascensi is coming from. Hearing the different sounds related to the material you're walking on can have a HUGE impact on immersion levels. When you aren't actually walking, it's not a big deal if the footsteps come at whatever timing the game has set, but when you are walking, it can be utterly distracting to have your own footsteps not synced up with yours. It gives you the constant impression that someone is following directly behind you.

    It's just one of those things about pushing the boundaries of reality. As you approach those boundaries, reality becomes the bar by which we judge the game, instead of just on its own merits.
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    I tried a demo of an omnidirectional treadmill last year and they didn't have it and it was very immersion breaking to have your avatar take another step when you have already stopped walking.
    Also, for multiplayer it can be important to hear each individual step the other players are taking.
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    @OlivierJT I've contacted Virtuix before and they've said they will notify people when they're ready to release the SDK. They've announced to everyone that the SDK would be out by now after adding a couple final touches (The next couple weeks of May) I'm a Developer and I figure since it's already out in the hands of Pathfinders, developers now have something to work with. I've made this post about the footstep tracking concern as an example of where myself and others may need the development to go. Oliver could you enlighten us, I don't have the SDK so I was wondering is there any footstep sound system in place whereby as soon as you put your foot down to the Omni platform can you make it so you hear the footstep?
  • AscensiAscensi Posts: 119
    Just wanted to make clear on something that should be fairly easy to do with footstep tracking. If the character has IK it would make sense to attach the omni pod foot tracking to the character's feet so they can be puppeted. This could also be done with two extra Vive Controllers attached to the Player's feet. I was hoping that the SDK would have come with a character and scene already setup as an example.. I also didn't see any footstep count and trigger script and idea I shared to add to the SDK, nor was the simple footstep counter for adding up how many miles people will have ran for.. maybe I missed it but didn't see it in the package anywhere. If Virtuix only takes these ideas and adds it to their games then there isn't much sense for other developers to share their ideas -both parties lose. I think it's in Virtuix's best interest to make both the Omni and the SDK as interesting and functional as possible.
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    As near as I can tell from the API's the SDK exposes, you don't get individual foot placement, just the general 'forward' motion. This makes it pretty easy to integrate, but does mean we can't get any direct access for footsteps, other than just making general sounds on forward motion.

    Anyone else check it out?

    I haven't tried getting into the BT data stream.

    == John ==
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