Jump and Crouch

My understanding / guess is that the feet POSITION isn't tracked, just foot ACCELERATION (per the IMU concept).

I had an idea - what if you 'jumped' if you pick up your right foot, about a foot or so. (crane position).

You could crouch based on picking up your LEFT foot (Control key / C if you're old school)

The IMU's should be able to sense this pretty well, a high initial acceleration up / anything more than say six inches of up travel. (Granted, I don't know the capabilities of the IMU's; the SDK doesn't expose them).

They can always recalibrate 'down' once the feet go down.

The UI would be easy - and fairly natural, as crouch / jump are usually

I had thought maybe going on your 'tip toes' would be the way to do it, and apparently you can trick VorpX into that, but then you'd have to remove the limiters on the ring, so that's not so great. With the foot raise, you could do it fairly easily even while running, although it would look like a kick / skateboard maneuver.

Anyway, it's better than nothing. Thoughts?

== John ==

P.S. I'd be MORE than happy to experiment with this if I had the code or access to the driver ... just a thought.


  • DanteMDanteM Posts: 212
    problem with the crouch function is you can't walk while crouched then if you have to lift the foot to do it.

    I recommend using VorpX to track headset position (without changing screen effects) so that when the headset height is = or less than X the system inputs crouch button for you. That's how I do it with Skyrim so i just hunch my back over a bit above the Omni (kind of learning forward) and it crouchs for me and jump is just a inch or so higher than I usually stand so that when I go on tippy toes it jumps for me (giveing it a tiny hope but not enough to damage or risk damaging the omni)
  • jgwinnerjgwinner Posts: 49
    Good point about crouch. I haven't gotten VorpX yet, but it looks like it's pretty essential. I was trying the various "native" games so far. I just got Shadow Warrior (the whole suite) as I loved the original, next thing is to get VorpX and try that.

    Maybe Crouch could be one foot planted, the other a 'skateboard' motion. (which does disappoint me with the SDK - if you had foot position, you could do cool things like a VR skateboard, although that would VERY likely make people sick).

    VorpX is a medical expense ... It's my exercise ... that's my story and I'm sticking too it.

    == John ==
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