Initial Impressions (Backer #2435)

SHIPPING: I was surprised by the size of the box. It literally was delivered on a wooden pallet in my driveway. The box was pretty beat up and I was afraid it was going to be broken. I was lucky enough to arrive home just before it rained to pull it into my garage for de-boxing.
I remembered thinking to myself -- how the hell am I going to get this thing down into my basement? I thought it was going to take 3-4 of my friends to actually move it.
But after opening the box, I was able to transport the Omni from my garage into my house part by part. Everything was packaged very well so the Omni was in pristine condition!

Initial impression was the Omni was built incredibly well and it was very easy to assemble. From a box on a pallet to a working Omni, it took less than an hour to assemble with no prior experience or any special tools. (Tip: Charge the Omni pods before you do anything else because they will take awhile to charge up initially.)

My computer is so outdated that I didn't even want to attempt playing a VR game before I upgrade my processor, video card, RAM, etc. However, I was able to enable bluetooth with OMNI CONNECT to play VR games on my Samsung s6 phone with gearVR. I found it easy to get in/out of the Omni and got a hang of walking/running on the OMNI very fast. I found the demo videos on Virtuix website to be very helpful and I'm glad I watched them before just jumping into the Omni.

I found the OMNI to work well with Dreadhalls, Disc League, and just for walking around and exploring things in AltspaceVR. Even with bluetooth connection, I didn't feel like there was much lag time andI haven't experienced any motion sickness or anything like others have reported -- but my longest session has only been around 30 mintues.

I look forward to finding more content / games and eventually upgrading to a new PC with HTC VIVE , etc. But still lots you can explore with just the gearVR


  • JoeJoe Posts: 201
    Thankyou, this is a good writeup! Hoping you get your pc going soon. Sounds like vorpx plus an omni can be a killer experience. The tip about charging the pods is a good one...surprised they don't come charged
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