Order #xxxx was placed on May 6, 2016 and is currently Processing and processing.. and processing ..

when will you guys actually deliver the goods ;/ I just want to play...


  • DanteMDanteM Posts: 212
    Searching the forums is too hard? Like seriously have you not read ANY updates, posts, or information? They aren't even done with the Kickstarters form 2013 and you expect information about a pre-order done in 2016? You likely won't be seeing your unit till 2018 mate.. I would estimate Kickstarters being done in July or August then pre-orders finally starting. There is a long line and you are about as far back in the line as you can get like just before they stopped accepting pre-orders lol.
  • XainXain Posts: 128
    @DanteM Glad someone else responded, I kept trying and failing to respond in such a way that wouldn't get me banned for vulgarity. Its like every time I looked at the order date of barely a year ago my hands shook with rage at the fact most of us have been waiting 3-4 years. Its like he didn't even try to look for information.
  • Oy, I only ordered in August of 2015, and it's probably going to be a good long time before I can even hope to get mine.
  • i did look, and you don't need to be mean
  • XainXain Posts: 128
    Your post count is 4, which means before you made this thread it was 2. This thread was also made... what 2 days AFTER their monthly newsletter that states where they currently are in the production queue. Follow that by one or two threads that were posted after the newsletter to discuss said newsletter... Well this isn't about being mean, its about refuting the lie of you looking for if you did you would have clearly seen it.
  • DanteMDanteM Posts: 212

    i did look, and you don't need to be mean

    I'm sorry to come off as mean, but the sheer fact you are asking and making this thread means you did not look very well. There is at least 10 threads about delivery updates, status reports and where the line currently is plus in the monthly news letter they even stated they are still working on the kickstarters with is form back in 2013 so you still have all teh orders from 2014 2015 and a nice chunk of 2016 before it gets to you.

    I just noticed most of what I said was also in Xain's comment above ... oops.
  • MAYAmanMAYAman Posts: 59
    Some people don't expect or want Forums as their customer service portal. Just sayin.
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