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Hey guys,

So when I received my omni I was super hyped about it. Quickly I noticed it became painful to use it for more than a half hour due to the shoes and my wide feet. They fit well but they front sides of the shoe pinched my feet a bit. At the time of creating this post I would have purchased a wide shoe size if Virtuix had the option. I have wide feet so normally I buy 4E shoes. I tried some insoles that did help but today I decided to build these. They are version 1.0 and I will be testing them this week but so far so good. Anyway this probably impacts your warranty so please be aware and mod at your own risk. Also I make no claims to any trademarks, they are owned by their respective owners.

I would love it if the omni had some adjustable attachment that could clip onto the bottom of any shoe and then they could sell the special plastic replacement pads that screw into the bottom of it. That would be a great idea for the arcades where you have high shoe size variety and high usage. (I know wrong forum section)

I drilled some holes in the shoe then did one zip in the front and back and one on each side into a mini zip loop I made into the shoe. I hope because the surface has low friction the zip ties will hold. I used a hot knife to cut the pointy edges of the zipties (They could probably be sanded). Then I put contact cement into the zip tie holes just in case. If the rear of the shoe starts slipping I might have to add zip ties in the back or try gluing the entire sole. I'm trying to avoid bulk usage of glue. I'm hoping the treads on the top shoe keep it somewhat centered. Ignore the extra drill holes I had a version 0 :smile:
Also I could have probably kept the front and back parts of the shoe if I had gone a size up when I purchased the Omni shoe.

Happy Gaming


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