June 2017 Update discussion thread

JoeJoe Posts: 201
I haven't seen the update yet, but starting a thread in anticipation. My guesses are that they'll announce that kickstarters are all complete, and a few more arcades that ordered two


  • JoeJoe Posts: 201
    It's live! http://mailchi.mp/virtuix/omni-arena-and-vr-arcades-1074733?e=f524c09820
    3200/3800 kickstarter backers fulfilled (finally a number!). They expect to have it complete by end of this month.

    Omni Arena multiplayer updates (Good to see them continue development here, though I am hoping to hear of more apps from them soon)

    Quite a few event showcasing the Omni

    Commercial distributors are starting to get signed up. Turkey and South Korea are onboard. They're looking for more.

    IMO, a great update...we finally have hard numbers for the kickstarter backers, and even a prediction (They've been shy to provide any of these after missing so many). I'm hopeful they can indeed fufill what's left for the kickstarters. In future updates, I think it'd be cool for them to share more on third parties that are using the SDK...that's always encouraging to see SDK uptake. They had something in there last month for it.

  • Exciting. Maybe I'll get mine before the 2nd quarter of 2018 after all. Would be appreciated if they ramped up Pre-Order bound output for the upcoming Holiday Season, might generate some good will.
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