Omni Pods for Android?

Hi Everyone,
Some quick questions before I buy - The Omni Pods, can they be hooked directly to an Android device for use in Unity?
The blurb on the purchase page says: The Omni Tracking Pods do not require a dedicated SDK to work with existing games and VR content. The Pod firmware emulates a gamepad controller that works out-of-the-box with any first-person game that is VR-ready and suitable for locomotion.

Does this mean I'd get a gamepad direction AND magnitude for each foot? (e.g., Left -> 1m) or is it just a single movement (e.g., forward -> 1m)



  • I'm also interessted to know, how the signal from the pods is transmitted. Via standard bluetooth or wifi, xbee signal or HC-10 ? :) Is there something special at the Omni-Mainboard? Maybe we can use aditional pods for the hands....
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