Any chance of US orders opening up again?

Now that kickstarter units are done and pre orders are now being shipped, is there any chance that US distribution will open once more since Virtuix is partnered in Turkey and Korea now?

I had a pre order but after Virtuix announced they could not ship internationally, I felt that there was a high chance of failure that we have seen from so many other kickstarters and bailed ship. Howerver seeing that they did indeed succeed I would very much like an Omni


  • JoeJoe Posts: 201
    I wouldn't say they've succeeded yet...most vr arcades seem to have ordered two units. It's an unproven business model (vr arcades), and Virtuix is providing a peripheral to that business model which goes against the design of all vr headsets today (Oculus and Vive moved to 'room scale' solutions using sensors for locomotion). This means games aren't designed for Omni out the gate. The games Omni made first party don't support one of the two major VR makers (Oculus). I'm not seeing the rest of the few AAA titles jump onto the Omni bandwagon, and with the incentives being VR arcade access only, I doubt it's compelling (we aren't seeing data to contradict that so far). Finally, the software support for the Omni doesn't emulate the current motion controls for modern games (the motion controller thumb sticks) so adapting the device to existing modern VR games is dead in the water. I wouldn't say they've succeeded or are close to it. I'd say I'm worried that they'll be around in six months at this point, or are they the next CastAR
  • I was a preorder I thin 3018 was my number. I had my harness delivered on Tuesday, and the virtuix Omni all 265lbs of it was dropped off yesterday. My shoes come in next week. Still waiting on the boom and keyboard tray....but I can believe how heavy duty this unit are going to be massively impressed.
  • JoeJoe Posts: 201
    Can you check in that number please? I am 1455 and haven't heard squat. I just dug through my junk mail and everything
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