Admin/Community manager, can we get a preorder number update?

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I'm 1455, and just saw a post starting that a person over 3000 got their unit. I can't find anything in my mail, and I'm concerned I fell through the system


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    Emailed support and got a reply...they're setting up an invoice and mine will be on the way soon. I'll update the kickstarter 'have you got the mail' thread as well, since that's almost an unofficial 'where they're at' list
  • I just received my shipping email :# im preorder #1400ish. Im just wondering since it seems like virtuix omni is going the commercial route will the in home consumer won't get the supported games that any vr user can buy. Im just afraid that i spend all this money and not be able to play any games in the near future that is virtuix omni compatible. I know that they're trying to get more games that are compatible but there is always th!t question that on everyone minds, is it worth the investment?
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    The story from Virtuix, according to an old post (and my interpretation of it) is that they believe that by having the Omni in arcades, it'll create incentive for developers to consider it. The problem with this, is that I haven't seen a bunch of community support for it. In addition, they dropped Occulus support, and it seems the SW team at Virtuix isn't keen on adding support for the consumer requests, instead focusing on 1st party titles. They've also stopped shipping worldwide, have little community mention, and I don't believe they've shipped a great number of devices overall (outside of China). So..yeah, I wouldn't count on a bunch of shiny new VR games supporting it. As far as it if it's worth the investment...Vorpx and wasd you have a range of First party titles from what I understand. Also if you are a developer, you have a pretty captivated audience looking for content. And who knows, someone may crack open some of the compat issues and create an extensible framework so that you can use the Omni on current VR games. My plans the latter, but I have development experience to throw at the problems.
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    Thanks for your input joe, i have tried the vorpx while standing and using a mag controller, which works pretty well. Just wondering how the virtuix omni does with the wasd emulation?
  • I wonder how long it will take to get to my order number 9854. Seems like it's 3 years down the road or something. Does anyone have an idea? I'm not asking for an estimate just an educated guess. Thanks.
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    With cancellations and international shipping off the may be surprised. Also I believe they're ramped up a bit for production. They got to 1500 or so in about two to three months after kickstarters completed.
  • I just got the email today and my order # is 9831. I thought I would be excited but after reading it I'm feeling kinda sick. Their words are "We do want to make you aware that the Omni has changed significantly since you placed your order. Virtuix has shifted its focus to the commercial market and is no longer working with content developers to create consumer focused content. The content platform we are building is designed for the commercial market and most games will not be available to consumers. " I was waiting for the email before I got the pc and the headset I'm glad I did.I wonder what am I getting in to?
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    WOW, they tore through the preorder numbers fast...mine arrived last Friday in the 1500's...this is good news for @willE ...he should have his mail any day now.

    I think how you handle the device depends on what you are hoping to do with it...if you were hoping to download some ready made software and go play...this really doesn't feel like the device to have. If you're willing to spend hours tweaking and reading may find you enjoy the device...but it's going to be like owning an arcade's big, bulky, doesn't play a ton of things, but can be an absolute blast.

    One problem I'm hitting is the need for special shoes...if you have people over, or other family members...they need shoes that fit them. They now sell for 100 dollars a pop, unless we can figure out a way to hack together something. The amount of space the thing takes up is considerable, when you factor in a place to hold the keyboard and such. And the different size waist holders cost 300 each, so if you have people of different sizes you're going to be shelling out some serious cash. Also swapping people in/out isn't exactly a quick affair...Anyway these only matter if you're looking to share the experience.

    Let us know if we (other owners that haven't abandoned the forums) can answer questions about it...I'm still working to get some basic stuff working...but can answer a bit about the setup and such. I may actually try to build a community site to try to make the thing more useful. @sutekiB has been doing a good job as well, but there's a long way to go to make this consumer friendly at this point.
  • I am order #9553, yet I haven't received an email yet...just contacted them to see what's up.

    So with the announcement that they no longer support the Oculus (which is what I have), what does this mean exactly? They used to have "demo videos" on the site, showing how to setup the Oculus and get it working with certain games, etc. Is this no longer the case? Is the ONLY option VorpX at this point?...if so, I find that very upsetting, I might even just cancel my order. VorpX is great and all, but nothing even close to native Oculus support.

    This company has really gone down the tubes...another vaporware company, in my opinion.
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    The first party games do not work with Occulus, and games that use the touch controllers for movement do t seem to work. Honestly, I dont get the impression they're working to get devs to enable the Omni in games as much as working on their commercial pipeline, so new games that are VR capable aren't getting native support even. I was hoping the commercial games would get released to consumers, but even if they did they'd be vive targeted
  • How have you liked yours so far? Do you have an Oculus or Vive? What are your overall thoughts on the Omni as a consumer?
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    I have an Occulus, and have only had it for a few days.

    I am intrigued so far. It's definitely required patience and a ton of tweaking to get things want a VR game that supports keyboard locomotion ideally. Then if that game wants you to shoot or do other activities, you need a way to map the buttons to key presses. Since most games I wanted to try are legacy non VR, I find myself setting up vorpx, installing mods to make the gave more vr friendly, installing coarser, then mapping keys to that so I can do actions, and then tweaking Omni sensitivity to feel 'right'. That's for each game...

    If there were a library of games ready to go I think it'd be a killer device. If it had xpadder type profiles and support built in I think that'd be killer as well. As it is it requires ALOT of tweaking. Games that use Vorpx tend to have cutscenes moments that may break you out of the experience or even make you nauseous.

    That all being said, for fifteen monutes yesterday I had everything reload to perfect for my Skyrim install, and it was GLORIOUS! I was running up the stairs after the NPC, as a dragon tore things apart outside, and got a sense of immersion.

    That being said I didn't realize how running to move in a game can be exhausting. Sitting for fifteen minutes holding up on a thumb stick to get through an intro part of a level is no big deal...imagine now having to actually's a bit brutal. Immersive to experience...but if you're actually trying to get a task done it's rough.

    I'm hoping it'll get me in shape though :)
  • Joe, thanks for the detailed review, really appreciate it!

    My main intended use is for legacy non-VR games as well (Skyrim, GTA V, Fallout 4, etc.), as I'm sure that most people here are interested in. I know you just received your unit, and are probably still working through setup and tweaks; but at some point would you be open to posting a guide that details your setup configuration for Skyrim? I'm sure just about everyone on here would really benefit from a consumer-made guide (especially now that official Oculus support is non-existent).
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    I definitely plan to document things as I go. This page was brought to my attention this morning which has some guides for popular games like Skyrim, Fallout 4, and CS:GO and such: . I plan on going through it tonight, and also trying out Shadow Ops, which has an Occulus download link there. I'm hoping to get into developing a demo as early as next week using the SDK and Unity...something basic like a walking around experience, but at least something that is Occulus and Omni friendly
  • Awesome, your efforts are truly appreciated! It can be very disheartening when a company drastically changes their strategy like this and informs their original consumers and backers as though it were an afterthought. They've clearly forgotten that it was the Kickstarter backers who made their product possible in the first place. Either way, it's always very reassuring when the community is able to pull together and work through it, nonetheless!
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    You know, I felt very strongly that way before I got to try it. I'm starting to think there may be another narrative...they have the chicken/egg problem of needing content to make the device useful, but needing to sell devices to get the content. I think as they progressed they realized to make it with quality, and safely, it was going to cost more than consumers would be willing to spend. I am 250lbs...when I'm in it, I feel confident that it's going to hold me as I throw myself against it in various ways while's built that solid. So then they end up in a mess...they've taken kickstarter money, they aren't getting devs signing on, and they need to keep the business running. Meanwhile VR, while not dying off right way, hasn't taken off enough to become mass market yet. So they pivot to commercial in hopes that they can get something off the ground, tune their production lines, and then work to cost reduce. Furthermore, companies like Occulus and HTC seem to have set the bar at 'VR is for seated experiences ideally' or 'room space' to solve the movment problem. This means games aren't really even designed for locomotion in many cases.

    Noone else has really jumped in to realistically compete..which tells me this is a harder problem than it appears. The kickstarters that were able to receive units got essentially an arcade cabinet for dirt cheap (These thing sell commercially for 5 grand...albeit with the shoes and harnesses, but still at 500 or even 900 it's a killer deal to have one as far as the hardware). The question is what happens they succeed in the commercial space while VR becomes more mainstream, and get to revisit consumer? Does the community hack and mod the thing and create content in the meantime? Does a competitor come in and figure out how to solve the problems of support, pricing, and shipping?

    My goal is to create some basic content that is hopefully compelling, and to experiment in this world a bit and see how compelling it can be. I also hope to take on some of the challenges like getting the Omni to truly emulate an xbox control stick, or the vive/occulus control sticks. It's lofty...again if these were easy problems I imagine they'd be solved. I have some experience with HID sniffing and programming however, so maybe I'll get lucky.

    That all being said, I do believe the communication could've been handled much better. The Omni hardware and packaging engineers are top notch from what I've seen, but community management is tough.
  • @LadyLexus - - You are either entirely lucky or mislead in some form. I am order #9033 and recently contacted Virtuix regarding my order and they are still telling me several months.
  • which I would then translate to 3 more years, like @willE said.
  • @dbrandt123 - I agree as well...My order number is also right around yours and I contacted Virtuix just the other day. They also told me that I have several months (at the very least) until mine is ready...or by your calculations, likely years. :(
  • My number is 1235 and I still havent heard a peep from anyone trying to get it to me.
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    @linkreincarnate I'm pre-order 2942, and when I wrote to support for a status update, they started my delivery process immediately. I was told I should have been contacted already and that it was an oversight. I recommend contacting support for your status.
  • @ebjune thank you for responding. That is good news for some of us folks in the later numbers. :)
  • I followed through and did as the email suggested , I figured it wouldn't be the last stupid thing I did. The email was legit, I get the shoes today, the Omni came yesterday (10/18) and the harnesses came the day before. Again, my order number was 9831. Don't know how it happened but I'm happy.

    Joe, thanks for the offer of support, I'm sure I will have lots of questions once I get the headset and pc. I guess the problem of the headset has been solved, I read Vive is the weapon of choice? If you know of any links that can be helpful please share.
  • @LadyLexus - - That's pretty awesome for you, lmao. I'm a little jealous. I will be anxiously awaiting.
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    This is a great starting point:

    The Vive does seem
    To be the way to go. I’m trying to find a way to easily develop for the Vive and Occulus and Omni with controllers...if Incan get some help testing them I can post a tutorial up on how I got it working and maybe publish some prefabs in the unity store to help.
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    @Admin Can we get a seamless Oculus Rift support. It seems really inefficient to have different downloads for each VR platform. Can't we get single binaries for both? In that same base, isn't there an Omni Arena binary for the Rift?

    Please give us an official comment on future consumer support and already released games. We got promised better support, isn't there a way to give uninterested developers a tool to integrate native support effortlessly?
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