So has anyone here gotten the email yet?



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    Thank you for this information. I think that as the Omni is coming out to actual pre-orders more people will need to know about this information. A lot of people are scared about not being able to use the Omni now that it is Within Reach. I plan on attempting to use the Oculus with the Omni, hopefully it will work for the games that Oculus partners have produced that have locomotion.
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    Problem is, it's not like a consumer can order one anyway, so even if they're scared, there's not really a reason to educate people. They're either getting theirs or they're out of luck at this point. I was setting up to start a community site for hacks, mods, DIY, software, etc. and a youtube channel, and have had to scrap all of that because there's no reason anymore. There's not even a community of the existing kickstarter backers and users that emerged from what was sold. This device is commercial, and a commercial outfit is going to know it's vive compatable for the first party software, which they'll likely rely on.
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    Saw this listing for all the virtual reality headsets being displayed at pax. Obviously everyone on this form is aware that not just Vive is present, as you can see Oculus is all over the place. Still shocked that Oculus is not officially supported on this platform.
  • My Omni order 1465 will be here next Wednesday. Confirmed with FedEx.
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    The shipping company just called me for a window...Thursday between 1-5. My other accerssories all have tracking numbers for Thursday (It's interesting...they ship seperately, and I added accessories to my order..this resulted in 3 accessory orders, plus the crate, all coming). I decided to order the cabela gun that seems to be popular...I'll post when I have things up and running. I'll probably buy VorpX and start setting that up tomorrow. Any recommendations for a Rift owner on first games to try?
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    Mine arrived, along with the shoes, stand and boom. I'm exhausted after spending about three hours setting it up, and didn't get enough sleep last night so I'll be somewhat brief for now.

    First impressions is that it's a very solid build...lots of metal reinforcements and built like a tank. I feel like I can see the story of the company in the product...totally subjective, but it feels to me like it was built to be consumer, and they just kept adding reinforcements and eventually it had the quality of being strong enough...but cost outgrew the target market. Interestingly they include power adapters for all countries...feels like a remnant of the initial plan.

    If you have one coming, I recommend getting vorpx setup. Especially if you have Occulus. You may want to get a third sensor and exemptions for USB now also. I spent a lot of time moving my sensors and recalibration...I still don't know a great positioning of the sensors. You may want to get a top shot elite, along with a 360 wireless adapter as well, and get that setup.

    I tried borderlands and that seemed ok. I didn't have my top shot elite setup, and couldn't find my Xbox wireless adapter, so I'll have to wait for that to come in.

    Overall I was unprepared and hope to have a better story next week. The visualization tool was slick though and worked immediately. Assembly was straightforward, and the instructions on the "may" was really a nifty idea.

    One more tip...take the shoes off when you get out...don't sit down with them on at your keyboard. If you start tapping your foot to music or a nervous tick while typing, it'll register as keystrokes and all hell breaks loose. May take a bit to realize what's going on.

    Oh and charge them right when you open it, you'll be glad you did!
  • That's awesome, mine should be here at 11 a.m. today. I don't have nearly enough Hardware to make all this work right now but I'm glad I finally got the Omni coming to me now. I should have the entire rig completed with a new computer build probably in about a month. I will keep all of your notes and start buying all the little things that sounds like I need like an extra camera and the Xbox gun and wireless adapter and that sort of thing. Please keep posting. Thanks so much.
  • I got it ! This thing is TRUMP huge!

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    That's like box 1 of 3...the package is AMAZING IMO...You should get a harness box separately, and a box for the shoes separately. I think the pucks are in the big box though...the cables are a few layers down, but it's microusb so you may be able to charge them separately. You'll need to plug them into the PC to initially set them up as well. If you got the boom and the stand, they're each in their own box. The stand had a connector that was a bit hidden in the packaging that I almost tossed...I'd not toss anything till you've fully assembled stuff just in case. also..CONGRATS!!!!!!!

  • Hi Joe, Can you please comment on the Oculus camera setup, in terms of a USB hub and extension cable requirements for using three cameras?

    Do you need multiple 10 meter USB extensions if you are doing ceiling mounts?

    Also why does the Omni Oculus setup say to turn the Oculus camera 'around'...?

    Lastly, do I need to get this USB hub if I get a modern motherboard for my new PC?
  • Have fun, guys. The Omni really is great.
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    I am using two cameras right now and one 10 foot extension. I haven't had a solid run in it to see how that affects turning around. I should get more time this week, but I expect I'll need a third camera.

    If you have a recent motherboard I wouldn't get the hub just yet. I'm on a Ryzen based board and it's operating fine. One of my extension cables is usb2.0 and that seems to work fine.

    One thing I didn't think through was where to put the Omni rack. When I'm in the Omni I feel a bit can be a task going in and out. So if you have to make a quick adjustment or start a game it's nice to have a spot for the rack to hold things.

    Also, I think having a monitor that you can see from the Omni is critical...mine is besides my monitor and I didn't realize how much I'd need the monitor to configure things
  • Have you thought about making some videos of your shut up? It seems like there are very few on YouTube of actual owners describing their setup process.
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    Yeah, it's on my list. I have an instructable (unrelated) to finish and wanted to learn a bit more before getting out there. I'm snagging alicevr and a few others today, and the Occulus supported games (training ops and shadow ops). Even without touch support I had a blast in training ops today. Ill try to get some videos up next week once I get some equipment setup and figure out how I'm going to shoot them.

    Also xpadder was a game changer..I see why it's important for having keyboard locomotion with controller aiming and shooting
  • Oops, just realized I meant to write 'set-up'.
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    Here's a picture of my machine that has my most powerful gaming card (a 980ti) is shared as my VR system as I had to use an extension to get the second sensor moved over to the other side. Ill get a video up when I can, but this may give a sense of size...the Omni takes up twice the floor space of my full sized Dynamo arcade cabinet
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    Hi @Joe - nice setup. I'm curious to know, why do you have the Harness installed in the Omni upside down? Also, I hope you're not using those wet-wipes on the Base!
    Community Manager at Virtuix
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    Lol! This is before I flipped it...I forgot I did that. I didn't even realize till I tried to use it the first time...was too excited getting it setup. Ill get an updated pic with the current sensor setup and such (That pic was before I got the extension cable and some other tweaks).

    The towel is what I use for the Omni, the wet wipes were for my computer area...I had to move things to get the wiring done, and figured while I was in there to dust. But good to point that out! I'd hate to see any Omni owners ruin the base with chemicals
  • Great picture, thank you for sharing. Please keep them coming, I know many people on this forum are needing this to help them get their Omni setups up and running.

    Have you considered ceiling mounting the three Oculus cameras in triangle formation around the Omni? This is what I hope to do very soon.
  • Waiting on mine. Can anyone give me the best general information on triple sensor oculus setup? I'm imagining I don't have to flip the camera like in the video.
  • Waiting on someone from virtuix to contact me. I'm order 1235 and I've heard zilch.
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    @linkreincarnate please make sure to email them at their [email protected] account...that was how I got them to respond.
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    I did and this was their reply. One I am not too happy about.

    Hi Justin,

    Our apologies for the confusion. The order number is not exactly representative of the delivery order, but everything is still okay with your order and you are still on the list to have it fulfilled in the next few months. It will take us some time as we do have people from further back who sporadically get in touch with us.

    If the wait has become too long, we are able to offer refunds via PayPal or check – just let us know.

    Our apologies for the inconvenience.

    Best regards,
    The Virtuix Team

    A few months? I have to wait on people to sporadically get in touch with them? Why not just send it in the order they were ordered and skip people they cant get in touch with? This is so frustrating.
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    Their logistics have a ton to be desired, for sure. It's one of the reasons I didn't invest...they blew the schedule, the price point, misjudged the market, pulled back on claims for critical things like support, misrepresented the amount of workarounds needed to get things working, etc. etc. That being said, the device is solid...It assembled easily for me, it's performed well, and it's sturdy as all get out. Their SDK is straightforward and easy to use. And the experience with a first party title or SDK native title and the OMNI definitely feels great. If you can wait a bit longer till they get their act together, you'll have a solid device.
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    @Joe Will they get it together? I feel that there is not a single developer working on their non Omniverse user content. My experience with TRAVR and Omni Arena withmy Rift hasn't been that great.

    Maybe it's that they're not being transparent about what they're doing for the Omni community, or maybe they just don't have anything worth telling.
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    Oh I mean get thier act together to get you your unit. Once you have it, make no backers and preorders seem to be on our own. Virtuix is all in on commercial. I haven’t seen them acknowledge any backers in the forums, and they’re not even reporting on preorders anymore.

  • I got mine yesterday. They still seem to be working through the backers.
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    they dont even post here anymore. theres a discord channel discusing the open omni software. thats the place to make it useable
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    Is that different than what’s been posted here? How active is that?
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