My initial Omni Experiences and tips (And curious about how others have solve this)

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Wow, the first few days have been brutal. I may be wrong on a lot of these things, so hoping that what community is left can help me understand the issues I'm hitting, and hopefully point me to documentation so we can try to make this better (or I'll start writing up some).

From what I'm seeing, the 'controller' emulation doesn't seem to work with games which my 360 controller works fine with. I tried setting the games to use WASD so that the Omni could control them, but then realized I couldn't shoot/aim. If I turn the controller settings on, the Omni doesn't work. If I use WASD settings, I can walk in the game but can't do anything else unless I'm carrying a keyboard...I believe the thing to buy here is xpadder...I'll try this tonight and report back.

If you're going to want to try Skyrim, I recommend the vanilla one, then going to get the nexus mods to enhance it and make it work in VR. I bought the special edition, which doesn't support some of the mods that are recommended for VR. It really feels like the original has the better mod support.

VorpX is neat....spent 60 bucks on it early as they have to mail a key to you and it can take a bit (though mine did come within an hour). It'll help convert games that weren't VR (like skyrim/fallout) to a pseudo VR). I'm hoping to get fallout4 or bioshock infinite working and giving those a shot soon, as I've heard they're fun on the Omni. (Anyone else got starter game recommendations?)

Right now I feel like to play a game I have to research what might work...then tweak Vorpx, map the controls in Xpadder, and then tweak the Omni settings to work. Then when playing, wait till you jump into the game before putting on the headset. It's only been two days, and about 5 total hours of downloading, installing, tweaking, and reading...but I'm hoping to have a decent experience at some point.

Any tips/tricks/ game recommmendations? I would like to get to the point where we can have a quickstart sticky that recommends this stuff to people (or maybe it exists and I'm missing it). Also, we seriously need not only a working game list, but the tweaks/mods/etc. per game. Suteki has a bit of an older one, but I think we need even more detail than if its native/headset/vorpx/etc. to really be useful. I also appreciate the work he's been putting's really the most helpful thing I"ve found so far.


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    Some updates: Xpadder is a major answer to getting things working for legacy games. It's the magic sauce that lets you use the OMNI as a WASD device, but still use a controller to emulate other keypresses so you can shoot/cast/etc. in the game.

    Also, I was wrong about what Virtuix released for Occulus..they did release two Travr titles for Occulus, and I got to paly training ops last night and get a feel for what a game dedicated to the Omni felt like. And holy crud was that amazing! Now I look at my Omni as almost an arcade doesn't play a lot of games, but what it does play, it can be an amazing experience. I'll hopefully try Alice VR and some of the other games that are VR Native, but can use WASD, tonight.
  • Great updates! Would be awesome to start cataloging the VorpX settings for games as you determine what works best for each. Please keep going!!!

  • Have you tried this one?

    "To get it to work make sure to double click the mod file to install, in game select mod as per video but you must select map on the right, you cannot use mods on the main story game."

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    Yeah I'm not great at vorpx settings just yet...but they have cloud settings for skyrim that seemed to come down and autoconfig it mostly for me. I'm going to work on other games that are at least VR native for a bit (I just did a writeup on Alice VR in the compatable games section) and then I'll work my way to the more complex ones. Suteki had some great recommendations for Skyrim also in another thread. I'm going to try to post write-ups in the game compat area though to try to keep them in one place, and here I'll post tips/tricks on setup as I learn them. Todays trick I am learning is that when you're configuring a new game...start it in non VR mode if possible, or don't use the Omni right off...and learn how to get 'in game' with a keyboard. Then learn what you have to map, use xpadder, and test/test/test before going forward. I keep seeing wasd games, launching them, jumping in the Omni...and then I'm in and out 15 times before I get everything working as I work through issues. For instance, AliceVR crashes if I used my occulus touch controllers at any point when playing. Also, if I started the game with the 'a' button on the joystick, which I had mapped using xpadder, the game detected it as 'joystick mode' and disabled wasd/keyboard keys. Just some more tips and tricks :)
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    Picking mine up on Saturday, but worried at the total lack of activity on this forum. Afraid I bought a dead product before the damn thing is even available. Virtuix, what where you thinking focusing on Arcades. Arcades of any type, will NEVER make a comeback in the USA, never.

    I'm hoping to find a one stop shop to do modding on this thing. Joe, how do you like the walking so far?
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    The walking has been's interacting that is a challenge for me. That's where the xpadder->Keyboard mapping hell comes in. Walking has been pretty good actually...I was a bit rough at first, but with time in the unit I've gotten more comfortable
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