My first SDK 'thing' - Occulus + Omni procedural generated world

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I'm only a few hours in at this point, but want to share since this is a native Omni app at this point. Please download it from here, and let me know if it works:!AqxjM4_uBDJgtf0w8sprEXmLZA2CZA

I don't have a vive, so its occulus only for now. If someone has some experience integrating both SDK's into one project, I'll gladly add Vive.

SO what is it? It's going to be an exploration showcase...basically I want to build a world that is fun to explore. It's using GAIA in Unity, which procedularly generates honestly I don't even know what all is in there at this point. My goal is to add some UI to show what the coordinates are that you're at...and as people explore the world, they can say 'hey I found something at this coordinate' and then others can go check it out.
Then I'd go hide a bunch of cool things...particle effects, crashed space ships, dungeons with treasure, castles, etc. around the world. If you want to go for a walk on the Omni one day, you simply immerse yourself in and walk around and see what you find.

The fun thing is that I didn't look too close at the project when I created it...I went over to visit the ship that I put right in front of the spawn point, then while looking at some of the houses, I found a farm (next to some big rocks). I had no idea they were there!

Anyway, for those, like me, that want something they can just launch, jump in the Omni, and's something basic for ya. Hope you enjoy! I'll keep working on it and updating.
Maybe one day I'll try to add multiplayer even. :)


  • Looks interesting. Hoping to try it out soon, my Omni's shipping is paid for. I'm looking forward to having it. How's your experience been with Oculus Skyrim w/Omni?
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    Too complicated for now...I had never played Skyrim, so I was trying to do too much for the first time. Also the start I was in the dungeon which felt very claustrophobic. In the end, I feel like games were designed to sometimes encourage running back and forth when searching for something...that's fine for using a controller, but when you have to actually run to move...I feel like that's frustrating as heck. It's pretty ronlook around, but trying to actually get a task done was driving me mad. Alice VR was similar...while exploring the ship was fun...trying to solve puzzles where I had to run around a lot and might forget where I needed to go was frustrating and exhausting.

    That's why I'm writing this one....launch it, get in, and go. No controller, no mods, etc. I hope to get vice, and touch controllers working soon and start building some experiences that are made for Omni, fun to explore, and maybe educational. I want to build a VR museum eventually.
  • Looks great so far! When you get it working with the Vive I'll have to download it. Is there going to be anything to do within the game besides running? If not then just a running experience would still be fun, just curious.
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    @travis1409 I'm not sure yet. I think I want to work on getting basics like movement, cross VR support, etc. down first..then I may add more to it, or close it out with what I learn and start a new project that is designed from the ground up to have some form of interaction. For this I'm thinking almost a theme park experience/museum...where exploring would reward you with finding various landmarks. However it'd be nice to have SOME interaction...maybe you find a crashed ship, and using the controller or gaze you can get more info on it....maybe you find Stonehenge setup somewhere, etc.

    I have an idea for a future game where the entire game is running from zombies/monsters...think like pac-man, but scarier ghosts.

    For now, I'm working on upgrading the fidelity of the world, and getting vive working. I will need help beta testing...I expect I'll have a combined build ready next week. For now, I have some screenshots of the next build, which should be out by Monday evening. Screenshots'll feature:
    • Initial attempt at supporting VIve
    • Ability to turn off the Omni / VR so you can try it with keyboard/mouse and without VR (I did this mostly for debugging, but it might be handy to see what's what before getting all rigged up in the Omni
    • Updated Skybox - The sky's a bit more interesting
    • PostProcessing - This added some light bloom (I worked hard to not overdo it JJ Abrahms style, but still I like the effect), as well as some other camera effects to really tone the map
    • Water effects updated - Now when you walk into the water it'll splash and make noise as if you're underwater, and when you walk out water will drip off the 'lens'
    • Water no longer has plants underground - My old water effects were improperly placed, so underwater had trees and plants and such. This is fixed
    • Overall rendering and lighting tweaks
    Before shots:

    After shots:

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    9I've updated this, and updated the you'll want to download and extract the zip file (it has the benefit of being one download instead of many at least, and it was half the size this way). Build should be here:!AqxjM4_uBDJgtpVcHBFa9DxChtJW8A (I'm uploaded it at 2am PST, so it may be a bit before it shows up). PLEASE someone let me know if it works with a Vive headset.
    Keyboard keys you'll want to know:
    O - Toggles Omni input - this allows you to control it via WASD instead of Omni native (useful for those that want to try it but don't have their Omni yet)
    V - Toggles VR - Allows those that don't have a VR headset to try it...make sure you also toggle 'O' as well
    P - Toggles Omni Debug screen - useful to see if the app is getting input if you're having any issues using it with the Omni

    Locations of interest:
    -86, 117 (Hint: This was once a great city..but now this is all that's left)
    -641, 128 (Hint: Don't mind the fangs or the wings, it's tame as a puppy..for now)
    -221, 59 (Hint: It's floating)

    - SteamVR is now the default - this SHOULD let it work with Vive or Occulus headsets...please let me know! I have no way of testing except for you to tell me
    - There are now coordinates shown in the heads up display...they're ugly, but they work. I'll make them look nicer in the future
    - Added toggles for debug mode, VR mode, and non VR mode (WASD + Mouselook). This opens it up to quite a bit for others to try
    - Added some basic music (Walking around in silence was killing me)
    - Other updates as noted previously...this is my second public build, and a lot has been added

    - After playing with this a bit...I feel like I'm getting the mechanics down, but there is a lot of design that needs to go into the land...going up/down the hills made me a bit sick. If Vive support works, and the features I added work, then my next build will focus on level design to make a flatter, and more interesting, world.
    - The other thing I want to work on is seeing if I can get the touch controllers and Vive controllers working on a basic level. I am not quite sure what I'll do with them just yet however.
    - I also want to work on animations...having a giant creature in the world not moving feels like a missed opportunity. I have the animations in there, I just have to figure out how to get the unity animation controller hooked up so I can trigger them.
    - I MAY look into dungeon creation as well. If I do that, then this would be like an overworld map, and then you could have entrances to dungeons. Course, if I do that, then you're looking at a VR Zelda type game, and I'll have to figure out some sort of basic battle mechanic. The thought interest me however. Something like a VR Zelda perhaps.

    Please let me know if this works, and leave feedback. If you find the three locations of interest, let me know if that was entertaining, boring, lame, fun, etc.
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    Downloading it now I'll test it out tonight on my Vive and let you know if it's working. I have been thinking about trying to make a simple walking game myself but haven't found the time yet. Thanks for posting this!
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    So I tried it out with my Vive, and it worked fine with the Vive. However it didn't work with my Omni correctly I was not able to turn at all it was stuck going only one direction. I enabled debug and it did show the YAW (ring) working. I did run in the one direction until I reached the large body of water. I went into a smaller body of water and didn't like it so I didn't do it again. I also agree the up and down hills were a little queasy.
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    Hmm...sounds like I'm close. I don't believe I enabled decoupled walking, but I would've expected turning to work. Ill see if I can figure it out. I also need to add more stuff to the debug as well.

    If you hit O it should switch to WASD controls, if you switch the Omni to that as well it may make it t least playable a bit. Ill work on a smoother terrain today though to save our stomachs :)
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    I've updated this (link here:!AqxjM4_uBDJgtf0vT515y6AJo1Py_A) If you download the zip file and extract it, you should have everything. (Alpha4 is the current build)

    I've rewritten this from the ground up using the SteamVR SDK. Here's whats new:
    • SteamVR support including controller support. I shimmed the controllers into the Unity controller, and believe I did it such a way that it's cross platform (fingers crossed)
    • Added some 'swords'...they're kind of floating in the air, and you'll have to search outside to find is on the other side of the rock, if you exit the villiage forward and to the left (behind the rock). The second is if you leave the village and go right, floating in the air between two big rocks
    • I redid the terrain from it's flatter, and has more villages and less 'rocks'. This is still more me playing with Gaia and understanding it than anything
    • - I lost the post processing effects I had, which makes the graphics on this not look quite as nice as what I had before
    • - I lost the skybox...the sky is a bit boring
    • - I also lost the water effects when you 'dive'.
    • -Several models I had before haven't been ported yet (The pirate ship, the dragon, etc). I'm focusing on functionality, trying to get a sword working and maybe some basic enemies, then I'll add back in the effects.
    Please take it for a spin, and let me know if things work ok. If you don't have an Omni, hit 'o' when it starts and you should be able to play it with the touch/vive controllers. If you do have an Omni, it should start up ready to go. If you don't have a VR headset, then you can hit 'o' and then 'v' to turn off VR and the Omni, then use mouse/keyboard to try to see what's what. Though in that mode things get wonky fast, and you can't grab the swords.

    The swords will turn red when you reach out for them...hitting the trigger should lock them to your hand. You can't drop them (yet). You CAN dual wield, though there are no colliders (yet). The nice thing is being able to walk around in the Omni, with two swords, in a fantasy world, day, when I get some spare time, you'll get to fight something :)
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    Hey Joe, you going to keep this project running? or is it dead?
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    its on hold, but probably wont get around to working on it for a few months. Virtuix pretty much destroyed my oculus support right after this, and I don't see a future for it since I probably couldn't sell it (and yet it'd take up a considerable amount of time to fully flesh out), and there isn't the community of thousands of people that we were promised. So if I were to work on it, I'd be heads down for hours/months working on a game that..12 people may be able to play? That being said, I would like to use my Omni more someday, and want to have a cool world to explore, so we'll see.
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    Joe, has really anything changed for Rift support ? I mean they're not exactly supporting the Vive or WindowsMR either. At least not in any visible way. Does the Rift outright not work with the Omni (haven't tried it myself) ?
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    The latest firmware breaks the one game that they ship with it that worked. (Makes the height go wonky). Also my experi nice with turning around with my oculus has been less than stellar. I can buy another sensor to see if there’s makes it better, but then I’m investing more money into oculus to make this thing work. I may try Windows MR at some point, but it goes back to how much time am I going to hack and invest in this thing.
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