Hey we got an email update at the beginning of the month saying you fulfilled kickstarter backers in the US!

I was wondering if you might want to make a forum update. This place is pretty dead, but it'd still be nice for everyone to see. A production schedule would be kind of amazing for the rest of us non kickstarters!

Thanks much!


  • JoeJoe Posts: 201
    Agreed. The facebooks dead, Reddit posts are mostly people selling theirs. There is no real community right now, so posts here are all we've got. Please keep this thing alive so that people are excited still
  • MAYAmanMAYAman Posts: 59
    I just bought one off Ebay and am starting to regret it already. I don't understand how after waiting 25+ years, we have the technology now, we have the displays and tracking now and we still have the same damn problem of no content. This is sickening. I will probably hack mine, get rid of the ring altogether and use an overhead support system using a universal joint and harness and just use it to play PSVR games while using the AIM controller or Move controllers and just walk to simulate. Just sick of this bulls***. Ugh, VR cannot get out of its own way because nobody in the industry collaborates. Dumb as rocks.

    Arcades will not save VR. Todays kids don't go to arcades or even most public type venues. They meet online, text and usually play from their home. Home is where the Omni had to stay.
  • JoeJoe Posts: 201
    Kids in America don't go to arcades. Arcades in Asia are a huge business, and adults as well as kids frequent them. I'm not arguing your point about the lack of collaboration causing upheaval in a fledgeling industry, but to say Arcades are dead discounts a huge market in Asia (which I believe is why you see Omni pushed to much over there). That's not going to benefit us here.

    If you really want to move the bar, I recommend trying to pick up Unity...it's really not that hard, and the OmniSDK is free and fits in pretty easily. I have a thread where I'm working to test making an Omni game that works with Vive/Occulus over in the lounge...if people say that that is working solid, I can start doing tutorials on how I did it, and sharing out asset packs to help others develop. Also I'm working seperatlely on FreePIE..if we can get that working, we have potential to blow the support story wide open
  • MAYAmanMAYAman Posts: 59
    Joe I respect what you're doing, but every time someone mentions Asia I cringe. It wasn't Asia that financed this thing, it was us and the EU. But Asia is getting all the benefits. They knew this going in and purposefully deceived everybody in the US and Asia with promises and videos of the awesome experiences like Fallout, GTA, etc, only to not only screw the customers here but also now, lock them out from ever having any games for the giant paperweight. I'm being overly critical so someone at Virtuix understands that the people who will in the end make their company isn't the Asian arcade market. I work for a multinational firm with offices in Shanghai, Singapore, Beijing, London, Tokyo and several US based offices. My Asian friends, who are all pretty wealthy especially by Asian standards said they have never visited an arcade in any of those cities that was't an arcade for regular games like SEGA games. They've never been to a VR arcade.
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