Please post your OMNI setup pictures!

flamaestflamaest Posts: 111
This is request to see other's omni setup rigs. Please post your picture to provide ideas about how to get everything organized! Thanks!!


  • flamaestflamaest Posts: 111
    This is all quite odd I tell you. I would have figured that there was at least one or two individuals which would have posted an image by now. I did receive the unit, but due to medical reasons, I have not installed the whole system yet. Having said that, however, there is an unusually small amount of traffic on these forums for the thousands of units that have been shipped in the United States. Hmm...
  • EVOLEVOL Posts: 203
    My whole VR room is a mess currently. I recently covered the walls in EVA foam. I have wires hanging from the ceiling everywhere. I have bought Latching Cable Raceways to install around the room that haven't been installed yet. Speakers that were mounted on walls are now on the floor.. The mess goes on and on,, At this point I have to move boxes of purchased items for the room around just to play. I'll definitely post pictures when I get it done. lol
  • flamaestflamaest Posts: 111
    Wow, still no pictures..? Sheesh..

  • I got mine yesterday. Will post pics when it's fully assembled.
  • LadyLexusLadyLexus Posts: 3
    I got my omni before I was ready so it sat in a corner in the basement for a while. I'm new to vr/pc gaming and starting from scratch, I needed a headset and pc but I've wanted to do this since I played my first Legend of Zelda on Nintendo.
    I see steps and calories in the omni connect app but I feel a tweak coming on, it's not quite right. Now that I see activity I hope I can better understand forum comments about movement and direction. My changes for now will have to be done through the apps, I'm nowhere near doing mods and other things I'll just download a few games and try to learn the environment.

    This is my first swing at it and I'll be the first to admit I'm running with scissors. Excuse the wires and patched up walls, I'll go back and make things neat later.
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