Update (preorder 1517)

I'm preorder number 1517, Just got my emails a few weeks ago and a call today for my Omni.

Will pick it up at the carrier location Wednesday and accessories are due to come in wed as well!

Super pumped to try and see what games I can get working with it!


  • MAYAmanMAYAman Posts: 59
    Updates? Why doesn't anyone very update? lol
  • Obs545Obs545 Posts: 25
    When was your Origenal date that you ordered? If you don’t mind me asking.
  • So far I love the OMNI (I also have an Oculus) however the lack of games that have support is a bit depressing.
    You can get more games working - see announcements for @EVOL 's and @Joe 's work, however it can be difficult to get the mods to work together seamlessly at this point for me.
    The best games I have played are the Serious Sam games (Made for VR) as Croteam supports the OMNI and does a great job, and the Doom 3 VR mod surprisingly.
    Also I ordered my OMNI 16Jan2015.
  • whopperman88whopperman88 Posts: 12
    edited December 2017
    I have just bought Karnage Chronicles, VRZ Torment, QuiVR, Affected the Manor and downloaded the Bellows on steam in hopes they will work as they list OMNI support in the descriptions, but I have read this only works if you have the OMNIverse software program installed which again is depressing to hear.
    I will update once I try these new games (should be this weekend).
  • EVOLEVOL Posts: 203
    QuiVR doesn't even support Omni on the omniverse according to the developer. Affected claims to be adding support to steam eventually. Bellows had some weak support for the older firmware, I haven't tried it on the new firmware. Karnage and VRZ do work..
  • EVOLEVOL Posts: 203
    edited December 2017
    Omniverse is for arcades only as far as I'm aware. I wouldn't even install Omniverse if it was available as it locks out gamepad mode for use with the 250+ games with free locomotion.
  • Hey EVOL - I tried Karnage and VRZ and they didn't seem to work. I put the OMNI in gamepad, keyboard and mouse and blutooth modes and nothing :neutral:
    Kinda Frustrating that the best game I have played so far is Doom 3 VR mod (which isnt even made for the OMNI), Also Serious Sam running works well but you have to stop and shoot as once you start running (using wasd) aim/look locks together and is no longer decoupled.
  • Is there something else that has to be done for these games?? (Karnage even notified me that it detected the OMNI and nothing)
  • EVOLEVOL Posts: 203
    You have updated your Omni connect software to the newest 1.3 version and then updated your Omni firmware? http://www.virtuix.com/consumer-games-85gn1qda03/
    If so Karnage should work. Karnage worked fine for me last time I played it. (Right after the Omni update.) If your on the current firmware and it still doesn't work I can only suggest talking to the developer on the steam discussions page.

    As for VRZ Follow this for guide.
  • That worked - thanks a bunch @EVOL your awesome!!!! :smiley: (seems the old version of firmware was my issue) - this also solved the look and aim lock for serious sam 3 and made it alot better!
    Now I should be able to get the freepie work around that you had posted functioning!
  • Also the VRZ quick fix worked as well, thanks!
  • Obs545Obs545 Posts: 25
    So someone that ordered in January 2015, had their order fulfilled two months earlier than a person(me) that ordered in April 2014. /slow clap. Guess order date like order numbers matter little. But I’m glad you got your running with oculus. I’m in the same boat I honestly think a lot of the earliest backers all bought Oculus because it was originally shown as a working headset for the Omni, if I had known that it was a possibility they were going to drop support for oculus then I would have waited for the Omni release long before buying a headset, but I ordered the headset soon after the Omni thinking I’d have my Omni around the same time as I got my oculus. /:
  • Ya Obs i know the feeling, August 2014 here and havent even heard anything yet
  • but looking at his preorder number and the date of purchase maybe he got it in jan 2014? cause my number is in the low 2000s
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